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Meeting the CMO

Posted on Wed Aug 24th, 2022 @ 2:42pm by Lieutenant Nicole Logan & Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: TBD

As Lt. Nicole Logan get's to sickbay, she then stood there in sickbay and said "Hello? Is there anyone here?" She said. As she smiled as she looked around.

Dr Sam Howard was sitting in her office, catching up on medical reports when she heard the voice. Everyone involved in the previous incident had been discharged to their quarters leaving sickbay eerily quiet.

"In here" Sam called, rising from her desk and rounding the corner to see who had entered. The voice was unfamiliar.

She saw the doctor and then said to the doctor. "Hello Doctor. I'm the new Chief Tactical and Security Officer on board the Washington. I'm just doing my check in before I get settled in." She said to the doctor.

While she didn't smile at the doctor and wondered what was going on she the asked, "doctor is everything okay? You seem a little eerie." She asked then said.

Sam smiled warmly, hoping it would conceal the haunted look in her eyes.
"Everything's good, I'm just dealing with some...issues from a recent mission. No shame in it" she moved over to the nearest biobed and patted it. "Welcome aboard,. What brings you to the Washington?" She asked, picking up a nearby tricorder and setting it to baseline readings.

"Just here for my check up before going to work doctor." She said with a smile looking at the doctor.

Sam ran the tricorder through the standard physical procedure, recording the readings against the medical file that had also been transferred. "So save me some time, anything in your medical history worth making a note of?" She asked openly.

Nicole looked at her smiling and then said "No doctor other then just my anxiety and depression. It doesn't usually kick in." She said.

" I'll keep that in mind should we be in any high stress situations" Sam replied warmly as she continued taking the scans with the tricorder. " Would you like me to tee you up with our counselling staff? They're the best in the fleet, sadly we're on a first name basis" She laughed at her own lousy joke. " Seriously though, if you feel it's getting out of control, they are amazing."

"If that is necessary doctor. Yes. I would much appreciate that. It probably will help me out a lot." She said.

" Whilst it may not be absolutely necessary - I like to run on the 'prevention is better than treatment' kind of strategy. Best to keep on top of things" She smiled as she set the tricorder down on the small tray next to the biobed. " You're a picture of health, I've recorded all your baselines into your medical file. You're free to go" Sam nodded as she finished up.

"Thank you doctor." She left sickbay a little happy that she's gonna get some help.


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