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Is Something Out There ?????

Posted on Fri Jul 21st, 2023 @ 8:42pm by Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Damn Dirty Apes
Location: Ape City
Timeline: Current

General Athos. supreme leader of the Ape military listened as reports from the outer listening stations that bordered Ape territory and the Unknown Zone. He was a big silverback gorilla, bigger than most gorillas and his muscular body made him stronger as well. He could and did inspired his troops and their loyalty. He could also terrorize them. His temper was legendary (But usually kept under wraps) and only seen when the situation demanded it as was his tactical prowess. He could also be quite the charmer. Using flattery instead of threats to achieve his goals. Now, he studied the reports. It seemed something had come down in the jungle and it was not some star or comet. But what was it? There was a collection team out in that area. He sent word for them to investigate, to see what had fallen from the sky and report back. As he waited he placed a call to Dr. Karina Salos, leader of Ape science. They were technically equals but Salos was viewed as the leader of Ape government which was fine with Athos. He didn't care for politics. He was all about conquest and power.

"Dr. Salos is on line one General." His aide reported. Picking up the phone he greeted Salos pleasantly. "Hello Karina, how are you?

"I'm waiting on a report of what came down in the jungle Athos." Salos replied getting right to the point. She was an attractive chimpanzee, smart too with a superior attitude to match.

"I have a collection team in the area. I sent them to investigate. I should have word from them within the next hour, two tops."

"Keep me informed. These UFO kooks are already saying we're being visited by aliens. What rubbish." She complained angrily.

"Now, now Karina. You are the defender of the faith. You also need to be tolerant. Besides, whatever it is Karina, the military can handle it." Athos replied smoothly, arrogantly.

"Don't lecture me Athos. Just get me answers so, I know what to say to the press." With that she hung up.

Athos stared at the phone. "I'll get you answers Karina. Then I'll get your position. You stuck up female. I promise you that." Athos vowed as he waited word from the collection team. Yet even as he waited, he was making plans to turn this into something he could use to his personal advantage as well as a bigger slice of the budget for the military. Turn it into a rallying point to finally invade the Unknown Zone and wipe the humans out once and for all. To get those bleeding hearts that wanted to protect them to be quite once and for all.



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