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Posted on Sat Mar 9th, 2024 @ 12:58pm by Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: Lost & Found
Location: Alien ship/platform/space.
Timeline: Lost and Found.

No one answered her hails, all she received was static, however even the static gave her the feeling of being closer to the Washington and her friends. After running for what she perceived was some time she had found a hiding place in what seemed to her like a small garden filled with strange plants. Lichens that changed shape on the ground as she watched them, turning from blue to purple to red. Hanging fronds that seemed to lay horizontally defying gravity, tipped with a yellow substance.

She wished she had some collection tubes with her as her viral medical mind itched to discover their properties. For a moment she allowed herself to be persuaded that the aliens might allow her to sample some of the plant life.

The air in the space was thick and the smells were taking their toll on her Vulcan nose. However there seemed to be some fresher air entering from somewhere. The alien arboretum was quiet but she could hear the thrum of, what she supposed was an alarm. Shon tried her communicator once again getting the same static. giving up on that she used her Vulcan sense of smell to follow the scent of fresher air. Eventually she discovered what seemed like a large ascending crack that appeared to pulse as she watched. A blue light emanated from it and she felt drawn to touch it.

As her fingers entered the light her pupils dilated and her being was suffused by a feeling of floating and power as she realised the aliens were true inter dimensional beings. She saw a cavernous dome that seemed endless and she could not perceive its depth or height. For a moment she was still, then the power within her let her move on into the structure.

It seemed so peaceful until, with horror she realised the whole space was filled with what looked like tubes containing bodies, hundreds, thousands if not millions of races, some recognisable and some so completely alien she found it difficult to come to terms with what she saw. Her thought was for humans and, suddenly there they were ranged in front of her. Many were dressed in civilian clothes, some naked and many in Starfleet uniforms that echoed the past, present and some she did not recognise. Like a blast of recognition she knew that these alien captors could move in time as well.

Her hand reached out to touch one of the pods. As her palm flattened onto the surface the occupants eyes opened wide. Shon felt horror emanating from the human in a uniform she did not recognise. The lips moved soundlessly but she immediately felt the sound within her mind screaming "help me, for God's sake help me!"

Then she heard them coming for her and she knew she had been discovered. Hands grasped her yet there was no physical presence. she tried to struggle but the light within her was gone and her mind was not strong enough. Shon saw a tube open up before her and she was roughly thrown in, the last thing she remembered was thinking about the crew of the Washington.


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