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Getting physical

Posted on Mon Apr 8th, 2024 @ 3:44am by Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Imik S'Niohun

Mission: Man & Machine
Location: Sickbay


Imik had finished on the bridge and wandered along looking for her cabin, suddenly she found herself outside sickbay. *Perhaps since I am here, I should have the medical the Captain requires of me*. The Ojnas Officer walked into the sickbay, it was quiet and almost empty. But movement at one of the Bio beds caught Imik's attention, "Excuse me please, I seek the Chief Medical Officer."

Dr Samantha Howard looked up from the scan she was running on a patient against the far wall of sickbay who had had an altercation with a sparring partner.

"Well I'm right here" she smiled at the newcomer whilst finishing up where she was. " Use a dermal regenerator once the bone has knit to 85 percent" she handed the instrument to a nearby nurse.

"How can I help you?"

"Blessings on your house Doctor, my name is Imik S'Niohun. I am Ojnas and now attached to this vessel as Security Officer, I have also been informed by the Captain that you must carry out a medical examination of my person before I can commence my duties. Can you carry out this procedure at this time?"

" Well firstly, welcome aboard" Sam replied warmly, grasping her medical tricorder out of her pocket. "And I am able to indeed perform this examination at this time. My name is Sam, it's a pleasure to meet you" She continued, indicating that Imik should lie down on the biobed. "This is just a routine physical to create a baseline for your file. I need to take some readings using the biobed scanners."

Imik at first showed the typical reaction of an Ojnas at being examined, but she knew what had to done and so laid down slowly. "I am glad to meet you Sam, but not so glad as to undergo this procedure." As the CMO went about her business, Imik couldn't help but squirm. "We Ojnas are not good at these things Doctor, even Sachzny commented how she felt vulnerable when undertaking medical examinations."

"So it's a cultural thing?" Sam asked, trying to keep Imik talking to ease any anxiety. "I've not met any Ojnas before, so you'll have to educate me in the nuances. Apart from the general stuff in the medical database of course"

"Our culture is somewhat reserved when personal things are the main topic, medical procedures are only carried out at home or in your private cabin onboard any vessel. It is not something we wish to have made public, I presume this sounds strange to one like you." Imik was trying hard not to react off hand, she knew this was the Doctors duty and had to be carried out. "Our medical facilities are divided into separate cubicles, so as to maintain privacy."

"We can do this in a private room if you'd prefer" Sam offered instantly, not realising the Ojnas need for privacy. "I'm so sorry if this has made you more uncomfortable being out in the open"

Shaking her head, Imik just smiled. "I did not inform you Doctor, so you need not apologise. I should have made my position clearer to you, the fault is mine." Moving just a bit more than she should, the Ojnas flexed her hands to help with the way she felt. "This is my second Federation vessel I have served on, after the Captain informed me I was not the first I assumed this was known. I must remember how different this Federation really is, but thank you Doctor for being so understanding."

"Just trying to make sure you're comfortable enough to come back and see me if you need to." Sam smiled warmly, shutting off the sensors and allowing Imik to sit up. "I've got all the data I need for your physical, that you for sharing part of your culture, I'm interested in learning more."

Imik smiled gently at the CMO, "I will return Doctor, many things can happen on a vessel such as this. And as a pilot as well as a diplomat, I need to be aware of cultural differences and work within them." She stood up and glanced at the sickbay, "So different from an Ojnas medical centre, but the reason behind it is exactly the same." She now looked back at Sam, "If you wish to learn about the Ojnas, I am willing to teach. Our people must also learn to expand their outlook and accept that we are not the centre of the universe, as much as we like to think that we are." Imik now laughed and extended her hand towards the CMO.

Sam took the hand and shook it in the traditional earth gesture. "I would be delighted to learn more about your culture. Now if you'll excuse me I have some tests that I need record." She smiled at Imik then headed back to her office.


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