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Time together [Backpost]

Posted on Tue Apr 9th, 2024 @ 8:30am by Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Man & Machine
Location: Grayson Quarters
Timeline: Prior to the away team’s departure

Sitting with her feet up, her back cushioned by a soft pillow, Callie was reading a book she’d been meaning to read for some time. Sam had said her body would tell her when it was time to slow down, and she was certainly starting to feel the need.

Jon was in the kitchen fixing a little snack for Callie and himself. It was some different kinds of cheese and some crackers. Nothing fancy just a snack. As he fixed the snack he thought of Sachzny and now Imik being here on the Washington. He knew sooner or later, Sachzny's name would come up and Callie would ask him about it. Best to get that conversation out of the way.

“Whose Sachzny?” Callie have Jon a curious look. “Sorry, I wasn’t reading your mind, the name jumped out at me when I thought of you.”

Jon put the tray down and sat beside Callie. "I didn't think you were Callie. As to who Sachzny is. The short answer is a dear friend. who I haven't seen in quite awhile. However, you deserve more that a short answer. Sachzny was an Onjas exchange officer who was aboard the Washington when Essie was chief counselor. We developed a close relationship. I introduced her to vanilla milkshakes." The thought made him smile. We saved each other's hide a few times. She was called back to her people when she was promoted to captain." He paused and took a deep breath "and because she loved me but I loved Essie. I share a link with her just like you and I are linked. I haven't talked to her since she left but I can feel her and know she is okay."

Callie nodded. “I don’t understand why I’ve never picked up on her in your mind before, we share our minds, though there are private areas of your mind that I don't share.” She smiled. “I’m sorry I must sound like some jealous woman questioning you like this.”

Jon shook his head from side to side, "Not at all Callie. You sound like a woman, a wife who wants to know more about her husband. I don't think of you as jealous at all." He put an arm around her shoulders. "When Sachzny left it hurt me a great deal. I know she had to leave but it still hurt and I hadn't really thought of her until recently."

Callie nodded as she lay her head on Jon’s shoulder. “What made you start thinking about her now? Has something changed?”

Jon nodded, "Yes. Another Onjas has been assigned to the Washington. Her name is Imik, she will be the Washington's new Security/ Tactical chief and she is related to Sachzny." he explained.

Callie nodded. “I’d like to meet her, maybe we could invite her around one evening?” She lifted her head shifting her weight a little to get more comfortable. “Would you mind...” She motioned to the pillow behind her back.

"Sure, we can ask, No guarantee she will accept but nothing ventured, nothing gained." He looked at the pillow and then at her, "What do you want me to with the pillow?"

“Could you adjust it for me please?” Callie offered a smile. “It always feels more comfortable after you put it right for me. To be honest I never realised just how uncomfortable carrying twins could be!”

"Be glad to Callie." Jon answered as he took the pillow had placed in in the middle of her lower back. "My calling in life, to be a pillow placer." He teased before asking. "How is that?"

Callie smiled as she leaned back. “Much better, thank you. I’m still finding it hard to believe that I’m already seven months! Harry was kind enough to remind me this morning, he’s been keeping a very careful watch on his calendar!” She grinned. “I want to do something special with him before the twins arrive, I don’t want him to feel he’s being left out.”

"You are welcome, Callie." He smiled "Seven months. You are in the short rows now." Jon observed. "This is a big deal to Harry. He is going to be a big brother to not just one but two siblings. He is going to be looked to for advice among other things. As for doing something special, we can, Have anything in mind?"

Callie shrugged her shoulders. “Maybe we could go to the beach for a while, then a trip to a cinema? We could go watch a movie, of Harry’s choice. Then maybe an evening meal together? Make a whole day of it? I think Harry would like that.”

Jon nodded, "Sounds good to me. We can also cook his favorite food. Which means hot dogs and chips." Jon said with a grin. "Throw in some ice cream as a dessert and what's not to like?"

Callie grinned. “I think he’ll love it! Let’s keep it a secret though, I want to surprise him. Speaking of which, when is Harry due home? Was he staying the night with his friend or is he coming home?”

"Mums the word." Jon replied just as if on cue Harry came through the door. "Hi Mummy! Hi Daddy! What's for dinner?" He rattled off as he moved to hug Callie.

“Hi Harry!” Callie smiled as she hugged their son. “How was your day? I hope you had fun? As for dinner I’ve no idea yet, what do you fancy?”

"Good. Robbie and me played with his dinosaurs. It was fun!" He paused as he thought on what he wanted for dinner. "Pizza?" He asked hopefully.

“Pizza sounds good to me!” Callie smiled as she looked towards Jon. “How about you handsome?”

Jon nodded, a smile on his face. "Count me on board for pizza as well."

“Okay then, let’s get some pizza” Callie smiled as she moved to get up to go and get food sorted for all of them.

"Come on Harry, this is a job for all of us." Jon told their son with a smile.

Callie couldn’t help but grin as they all squeezed into the small kitchen area to prepare their pizzas. “Are we going with totally replicated or are we just replicating the bases and making our own?”

Jon turned to look at Harry, "Well Harry what do you say?"

Harry gave it a few moments thought before responding. “Let’s make them daddy! Can I make them for you? Please!!”

Callie grinned. “I can’t say no to that, I’ll lay the table while you two sort the pizzas.”

"Sure you can Harry. Just no wild pizzas. You know what your mummy and I like." Jon replied with a smile.

Callie offered Harry a smile, she knew he loved to make his toppings a surprise. “I’ll eat whatever you think mummy will like Harry, you’ve seen what mummy eats.”

Jon groaned playfully at Callie's comment. "Your mummy has a cast iron stomach Harry."

“Not entirely” Callie grinned. “It all depends on what these two like” she grinned as she rested her hand on her well rounded stomach.

"In that case Harry go easy on your mummy. We don't want her getting sick." Jon told their son.

“I trust you” Callie grinned as she made herself comfortable while she waited for the food to be cooked.

"You heard your mum, Harry. Go to it. Create your magic." Jon encouraged the boy.

Taking a seat to rest her back, Callie smiled proudly as she looked towards young Harry. It still felt very special having Harry as part of their family.

"Alright Harry, the show is yours. Do your stuff," Jon told Harry.

The smile shining on Harry’s face said it all as he set about making the pizzas, using sense and caution in what he put on Callie’s pizza. He looked towards Jon once the toppings were ready.

“I think a certain young man wants help putting his pizzas in to cook Imzadi.” Callie smiled as she absentmindedly ran her hand over her stomach.

Jon looked at Harry. "Is that a fact? Is that what you want Harry?"

Harry nodded excitedly. "Yes Daddy. I need help in cooking the pizzas."

Jon smiled, "Alright. I can understand that. Who wants to eat a cold, uncooked pizza? Yuck!" He finished as he screwed his face up to show how much he wouldn't like it.

Harry laughed, "Daddy, you’re silly." But he made a similar face.

Jon tousled Harry's hair as he took the pizzas and placed them in the oven and set the timer. "Now, we wait."

Callie grinned as her stomach rattled loudly. “We’re all hungry over here! I can’t wait to eat!” She motioned to Harry to give her a hug. “Just you remember how loved you are, we’ll be kept busy with your siblings but that doesn’t mean we’ll be neglecting you. That’s a promise!”

Jon chipped in. " It also means you are the big brother Harry. Your siblings are going to look to you for advice on what they can or can't do. But your mum and I know you will do a great job."

Callie smiled. "I think that Pizza is smelling like it's almost cooked, it smells just devine!"

"I think you are right Callie love. Harry let's take a look. We don't want to burn them." Jon told the boy.

Harry nodded. He preferred to wait for adult help getting hot food out ready to be served.

Jon looked at the pizzas and then Harry, "Harry....." His voice solemn. "About the pizzas, I have to say they look fantastic!" His face splitting into a huge grin.

“In that case don’t keep us waiting! Let’s eat!” Callie grinned motioning for Harry to go fetch his creations and bring them to the table.

As Harry went to get the pizzas, Jon asked him, "Okay Harry, what kind of pizzas did you fix everyone?"

Harry smiled. “This is Mummy’s..” he proudly motioned Callie a small sausage and bacon pizza. “This is yours daddy..” he pointed to a pepperoni pizza. “This one is mine..” he grinned at the cheese and ham pizza that was left over.

“Thank you sweetheart!” Callie smiled proudly, “I’m going to enjoy this..”

"Thank you very much Harry. I already know this is going to be the best pizza I have ever had." Jon told the boy.

“Ohh one more thing” Callie picked up a calcium supplement to take with her food. “Shon advised me to take calcium supplements, Seems my levels are a little low.” She pressed the hypo to her arm and administered it.

"Yes, please take your meds, don't want you getting sick, not with your due date coming closer with each passing day." Jon replied.

“I’ll be fine don’t worry” Callie smiled. “You’ll no doubt have away party duty to concentrate on, so don’t get worrying about me.”

Jon smiled at her, "That's something I will always do, worry about you and Harry and of course the babies."

Callie nodded and smiled. “Of course you will, and that’s what makes you so wonderful Imzadi.”

"Awww," Jon blushed. "Thank you, sweetheart. It is because I have the best wife and son anyone could have."

“We’ll always be here waiting for you Imzadi, that’s a promise” Callie smiled warmly.

"Those are the promises I like best." Jon answered with a smile.


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