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How have you been?

Posted on Fri Apr 19th, 2024 @ 4:47am by Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr
Edited on on Fri Apr 19th, 2024 @ 12:28pm

Mission: Man & Machine
Location: CMOs office
Timeline: Prior to the Away Team leaving

Dr Samantha Howard was reviewing the last few physicals she has conducted as a way of keeping her mind busy in the third week of nothingness. She wasn't complaining, not at all, just enjoying the routine mundane. She can to Shon's file and felt a pang in her gut. In the business of the last mission she had neglected to check in on her 2IC who had been through the proverbial wringer over the last few missions. She sent a message to Shon to drop by the office when she had a moment.

Shon appeared and smiled wearily. "Doctor, I wasn't aware you needed me until this evening, is there something I can do for you?" Shon stood in front of her boss wondering what she was going to be asked to do.

"Nothing official" Sam replied with a warm smile, biding towards the chair opposite her desk. "I just wanted to catch up and see how you were doing. Off the record" she started.

"Off the record?" Shon arched an eyebrow. She sat down. "if truth be told Sam I am not doing well. We don't get a lot of sleep nowadays and I worry every time I leave Sage. She was, is so premature and I cannot loose her as well. Seth is, well Seth...calm understanding, loving....everything he has always been but Surak help me just one time I want to see him in a rage about what happened to Andrew.....we named him anyway." she stood and walked to the window looking out onto sickbay. "Then there was this last mission. I nearly caused a war by trying to tell them what it meant to be human, I messed up."

"You are dealing with a lot, and processing a lot" Sam said gently "don't be too hard on yourself. You only acted in the way you thought was best. No-one can begrudge you that" there was a pregnant pause as Sam considering where to take the conversation next without venturing into any of the delicate subjects. "How long is Sage sleeping in a stretch? Is Seth helping with the overnight waking"

Shon laughed, “Poor Seth is doing much more then he should be doing day and night. He tells me he will stay up all night with Sage as she only sleeps about two hours at a time. I woke to find him fast asleep with her on the couch and when I woke him he apologised. Even Shasta has taken her turn giving us time together. But it is Seth I really worry about, Sam he won’t talk to me about how he feels and when I press him on it he gets defensive, saying it’s all about me. Something has to give.”

Sam paused and mused over this new information
"You can't force him to talk, only provide a willing ear when he chooses to do so." She said after a while. "If you try to force him, he will only retreat further, I think we both know that. As for Sage, this time of night waking should start to improve shortly. If memory serves she should start stretching to 3-4 hours at a time after this next growth spurt. I can reduce your hours so you get some more sleep and the ships nursery may be able to provide a few hours of daytime reprieve"

“Sage still looks so small Sam although I realise premature babies have the same growth spurts as those that go to full term. I know I am a fussy mother and I think she reacts to that.”Shon took a deep breath. “Actually Sam Seth and I had discussed taking Sage and Shasta to see Seth’s parents on Earth. I feel the need to get away completely. I see Hela everywhere on the ship. We were thinking about a month. Do you think you could get cover?”

Sam nodded her head "don't worry about us Shon, we can look after things while you get your family used to the way things are. A getaway would do you good, so long as you feel properly supporting taking two children with you"

Shon frowned, "Thank you Sam, in truth it is me that needs to get away. I see Hela everywhere and the ship seems so small. I have a weakness in my legs which I thought was just a calcium deficiency but it's not but I suspect I am just overly tired.

Sam frowned and run the scanner over Shon's body "when was the last time you had a full medical workup?" She asked "not counting being pregnant?"

Shon stretched, “To be honest I am not sure, maybe the Hereshi gave me something” she looked shocked as she had just had the thought. “Don’t worry about me Sam, I am as tough as old boots so they say.”

"I'll be the judge of that" Sam mused as she ran a full blood count. "Hrmmmm you're showing anaemia and a few other trace mineral deficiencies"

“Well they are soon sorted out. Anyway I wanted to ask how you are?”

Sam looked up at the comment after jotting a few things down in her padd. "Callie says I'm doing well and will be cleared for away missions shortly. The medication is keeping the panic attacks at bay and the CBT is helping the long term side of things" she admitted openly.

"I am glad for you Sam, you went through hell. Have you ever thought of some meditation? when it works is seems to ...not suppress my anxiety but gives the present meaning.'s difficult to explain. I could teach you if you would like?"

"Meditation in the traditional sense or the Vulcan sense? I believe the nuances are slightly different" Sam asked, raising an eyebrow in an almost Vulcan like manner.

Shon laughed, “Whichever helps Sam, but I would suggest ln the Vulcan sense.” She raised an eyebrow.

"I must admit I've never really tried the Vulcan method of meditation before." A shiver ran through her, recalling the time in the past when a mild meld had gone wrong.

Shon noted the slight shiver. “Sam all it is is a few breathing techniques and a few stinky herbs. I do it all the time and look what a collected altogether person I am?” She laughed.

"Alright then, you're on" Sam laughed as she made a few notes on Shon's file. "Do you want me to prescribe you something to help you sleep?"

Shon thought for a minute. “Yes, please that might really help Sam, Thank you oh and let me know when you are ready for your first meditation.”

"Sounds like a deal" Sam smiled as she made some final notes and prepped a hypospray and several vials. "This should help, it's not too strong but should help you get a decent night's sleep" she handed the over then helped Shon to her feet. "Now take it easy and rest when you can" she watched as Shon made her way out of sickbay when turned her attention to the newest arrivals who was awaiting treatment.


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