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Posted on Fri Jul 5th, 2024 @ 5:04pm by Lieutenant JG Kate Kono

Mission: The Andromeda Strain
Location: Unknown
Timeline: In-line with last post

Kate leaned in closer to the screen on the bridge as she continued studying sensor data as it came in and compared it to sensor data received from other ships in the area. It was spotty data, but she was doing what she could to try and locate the spacial destortions a little bit easier as the ship went further and further into this strange expanse of space. As Kate leaned back, she noticed something different about the bridge... It wasn't the Washington Bridge anymore, it was the bridge of the USS Aphelion.

Corpses of the crew lay strewn over chairs and control consoles, the lighting was dark, accentuated by the familiar flash of the red alert lights that clicked on and off to no end. Kate stood up from the console she was sitting at and looked around the bridge as her heart raced in her chest. The view screen showed nothing but black beyond what its sensors could pull onto the viewscreen. She turned to see a dark shadow lunging at her from the corner of her eyes. Kate pulled her phaser and fired without hesitation.

Everything flashed away and she found herself still sitting on the bridge of the Washington, pointing a PADD at another junior officer as if it could have the capacity to vaporize someone despite it not having any such power aside from maybe its contents.

"Is that for me, Lieutenant?" The confused individual asked.
"Sorry.." Kate said. "I just read that Justin Bieber was making a comeback all these centuries later and it gave me this reaction." Kate decided some excuse was better than nothing. She wiped the sweat off her brow with a shaking hand and attempted to go back to studying for oddities that might help the crew while hoping to never find herself aboard the Aphelion, ever again.


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