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Where Do Go From Here?

Posted on Fri Mar 13th, 2020 @ 6:42pm by Commander Jonathan Grayson

"Personal Log of Commander Jonathan Grayson."

Jon paused as what to say next, he was in his quarters aboard the Washington. He decided to start back at the beginning." I'm back aboard the Washington. Essie is here with me and that makes me very glad. I know I can always talk to her and get honest feedback. Was looking over the crew manifest and saw a name from the past.... Sachzny. I don't know how to react to that. We were once very close but parted under unpleasant circumstances. She has been assigned as Chief Security/Tactical and I know despite any possible lingering feelings of ill will, she will do her duty to the ship and crew."

He paused then continued, "I know Essie will be happy to know Sachzny is onboard and she would urge me to be happy as well, to leave the past in the past. However that isn't easy as it sounds. Though for the sake of all aboard I will do my best to resume my friendship with Sachzny. Though she may choose not to continue as friends. All I can do is ask her to join me for a vanilla milkshake and see where that takes us. I did notice that Sachzny isn't the only Onjas on the Washington. A male by the name of Zolmepro K'ramun will also be aboard as a diplomatic officer. I wonder what she told him about me."

"End log."


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