Settling In

Posted on Fri Apr 9th, 2021 @ 1:23pm by Ensign Connor Carrick

Connor enters his stateroom and drops his duffel bag on the floor and flops on the bed. He's already overwhelmed by the number of people he's encountered. This ship is massive compared to the USS Biko, holding a crew over 8 times larger. More people to avoid. He peers out the window into the vastness of space, a scene he never gets tired of seeing.

He sits up and pulls his bag onto the bed. He draws a notebook and pen out of the bag and sets them neatly on the corner of the nightstand. His personal sketchbook needs to be close at hand to draw out a dream. He still much prefers drawing those to dictating them to a log.

He then pulls a large box out and begins to withdraw his collection of antique scientific equipment one by one and carefully arranges them on the bookshelf. It's a meager collection, but his Starfleet salary does allow him to purchase the odd collectible along his travels.

Finally, he unpacks a tricorder. While he can requisition a tricorder at any time, he has developed a strong attachment to this one. Under most circumstances, he prefers to work with pristine equipment, but he knows this tricorder inside and out. He understands all of the glitches, when to adjust the readings, and by how much. Every scratch, every dent, has a story, and they are part of HIS story.

Satisfied with how he has arranged his personal effects, he sits down at his computer and checks his brand new duty schedule. Command briefing tomorrow morning at 0600. He's hoping he receives some explanation as to why he was ordered to the Washington on an emergency duty change as she passed near the region where the Biko was doing planetary surface mapping.

Connor loves a good mystery in science but hates not knowing information that affects him directly. It's driving him a bit mad not knowing, and the sooner he finds out, the better.

He then connects into the quartermaster requisition system and begins ordering the fabrication of an easel as well as a selection of canvases, brushes, and paints. He needs to be able to paint in order to settle his mind and to focus on solving problems.

Day 1 of his new docket awaits...