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Posted on Thu Apr 1st, 2021 @ 7:55pm by Ensign James Phoenix

After some time assisting with repairs on the Washington, James made a return to his quarters, since he was very tired. After he changed into his off duty clothing, he watched the Enterprise warp away. It had been a couple years since he served there as a cadet, and a decent amount had changed. For one thing, the ship had a massive refit. Not only that but the ship had a new XO. However, for Ensign Phoenix, being frozen for a couple hundred years was even bigger of a change to himself.

"Computer, begin personal log. Personal log Ensign James Phoenix. The Washington has just finished a somewhat intense mission. I have gotten used to the ship, and I can find my way around. I have even managed to land a shift on the bridge ever once and a while. Since I have been busy, I have been meaning to catch up on the many events I missed. I know I have been out of the ice for half a decade, but missing 350+ years of history leaves a lot to catch up on. At some point, I plan on expanding my career in Starfleet, but that may take some time. I wonder what my future holds. Computer end log."

The computer ended the log, and James crawled into his bed for a much needed rest.


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