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New Krakow

Posted on Sat Dec 25th, 2021 @ 9:47am by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Captain's Log

We have come to the New Krakow colony and found it to be unlike any Federation colony I've ever encountered in all my years of service. It is riddled with crime, many of the inhabitants live in poverty, and organized crime seems to be in control of most things. To make matters worse, I believe StarFleet officers are working with the unsavory element, to what degree and to what extent I am unsure of at this point.

I spoke with Admiral Carroll regarding a liaison officer here, one Lt Cmdr T'Vall, and he told me of his many connections to members of high ranking StarFleet brass and even to members of the Federation Council. The Admiral has been keeping a close eye on them all for some time now and is prepared to move on them in a coordinated matter as we deal with things here. I informed him that we intercepted a Nausicaan cargo vessel that upon inspection was carrying a good number of women bound to an Orion slave auction most likely, and he advised that we keep an eye open for Orion vessels.

I feel we are dealing with a great many odorous people within this whole plot. Not since my days working as the admiral's adjutant and we were eliminating Section 31 have I felt that we were dealing with something so sinister. I'd feel more comfortable having some of my old friends nearby to assist in this, Ben Sisko in particular. We'll clear up everything on this planet though, my crew will see to it.

End Log


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