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End of a Ring

Posted on Sun Jan 9th, 2022 @ 12:22am by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Captain's Log

I am pleased to report that the vile trafficking ring has been uncovered and we have stopped it, though it came at considerable cost. As it turned out, the ring was run on the New Krakow colony by a StarFleet officer, a Lt Cmdr T'Vall, a Vulcan who was far different than most of his race. T'Vall seemed to be far more in touch with his emotions than your typical Vulcan, especially the darker emotions, which in turn made him quite a formidable foe.

It seems that T'Vall was selling his victims as slaves, most of whom he seemed to sell to the Orion Syndicate, though he seemed to be selling some to the Breen as well. He had no attachment to them and as such didn't care about the misery he was causing them. To make matters worse he seemed to revel in the abuse and ultimately the pain he seemed to cause them.

As it turned out he was a classmate of one of my officers, my chief counselor Lt Callie Raven-Grayson. He apparently fancied her and was willing to commit unspeakable acts to make her his own. He was a gifted telepath, particularly for a Vulcan, and he used his gifts to warp her mind to do his bidding, which nearly cost her life. To make matters worse he tried to kill my XO, Callie's husband, Jonathan Grayson. His vile deeds eventually led to his downfall and demise, which ultimately left T'Vall dead.

While our mission was a success in that we brought the ring to light and destroyed it, freeing many women from a life of misery and strife, it came at a heavy price. Callie remains in sickbay while my medical staff works to undo the damage done to her mind, and her husband has barely survived an official inquiry by JAG and is in his quarters recovering from injures he sustained. Additionally, it seems that our actions, while noble and right, have caught the eye and potential ire of some in Command and we now are under scrutiny.

Everything that has happened of late has made me believe that my crew not only deserves time off, but that it is an imperative that must happen without delay. LeFaye has requested that we remain at Starbase 451 for roughly a week so that she and her team can make repairs, updates and other such things to the ship, and I find it is the perfect excuse to grant time off to as many of the crew as possible. While it is short notice, the starbase has plenty of recreational areas they can enjoy, and I'm sure a few will follow my lead in venturing off to nearby worlds that offer them something worthwhile. As for me, considering our proximity, I plan to return home to Andoria and spend time with my family as soon as possible. I have been away from my family for far too long.

End Log


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