For Every Action...

Posted on Fri Feb 4th, 2022 @ 5:17pm by Lieutenant Aiko Kato

Anastasia is with another child...

The news came earlier today and to say that I am excited is an understatement. I know we have been wanting this for a long time. Ever since the untimely death of darling son, gone too soon.

I wish I could go back to New Sydney right now to be with Ana, but the company has given me one last assignment before I can finally take my overdue break.

I am to retrieve a package from Starbase 451. I understand the package itself is not of significant interest to the company but they are more interested in the message it sends. They have adequately stressed the importance of this retrieval and its urgency. That they would assign me this role demonstrates they are pretty serious.

Lately, the geopolitics of the company is becoming hard to follow...rapid expansion at breakneck speed it seems. The New Krakow investment had paid of in droves but it had also been an unmitigated disaster.

I am not a deeply religious man but even I have seen a certain order in seemingly random or trivial events...almost like an invisible hand, guiding everything to some form of equilibrium.


Careful there Quintus...applying the economic theory of Adam Smith to the inner workings of the universe is a dicey affair- an untenable position to be sure.

I guess what I am trying to's's like Newton's Third Law: for every action in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction...

Yes...that's exactly right.

New Krakow made a lot of company members, including myself filthy rich of the backs of the masses and now access to that outlandish stream of income has unceremoniously ended.


It's like Ana and I...resigned to the fact that we would never have children due to my medical condition. And then like a miracle Amos was born...and just as miraculously, he dies.


Another child is now on the way, just as I am told to go retrieve a package. The timing is too suspicious to be coincidental. I see yet another manifestation of Newton's Third Law in the making.

I have seriously considered saying no, but I know that would make my position within the company even more untenable.

Ever since Amos' death I have grown tired of this line of work and the news from Ana has made me even more weary of continuing to work for the company. Perhaps it is time to hand in my papers. It has been a turbulent but storied twenty-three year career after all. Given everything I have done for the company, the Board must be willing to grant me this request. They did it for Lyriam six years ago and I've got a better track record than her.

I am decided...I will go to Starbase 451 to retrieve the package and bring it to the Board and hand in my resignation.

And then, I can spend the rest of this life with Ana and the new child...

Speaking of which, I guess I have to start thinking about names...