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Down the Proverbial Rabbit Hole

Posted on Fri Apr 21st, 2023 @ 12:26pm by Ensign T'Plana-hath

The following is a personal log from Ensign T’Plana-hath

I am helping the young Ensign James Phoenix try and tract down his friend, Ashlynn Regan. Both were from the Alpha Three Terran mission of the mid to late twenty-first century. The mission according to historical data did not end well and Ensign Phoenix and his friend were able to successfully jettison into cryogenic escape pods. Neither were ever recovered, until our timeframe. Ensign Phoenix’s pod was found and he was successfully revived.
In are last mission we were flung into the past. It was the current timeframe in which the young James Phoenix and his friend Ashlynn Regan were to begin to participate in the Alpha Three mission. Against the temporal time directive I made a small modification to the mission in which the crew had to receive a low frequency radio transponder in each of the crew. I have neglected to report this to the Temporal Agents when I was interviewed about the mission.
I have just recently received some intelligence on my request to track the radio frequency from my old commander and friend Lieutenant Colonel Harvey Jackson. He sent me an intel package and also warned me to tread lightly in this matter. It would appear the USS Silas Deane, an undercover Starfleet Intelligence ship has been ordered to track down the radio frequency; and as the Colonel pointed out some very high up Intelligence and Starfleet people are very interested in the frequency.
While he was reviewing the data I had James came across a log from Captain Jaquan Turner of the USS Silas Deane. While the young ensign did not know or have the access codes required for a level six encryption, I did. What I have discovered has proven Colonel Jackson’s concerns to be founded. Captain Daniel Reyes, Starfleet Intelligence, is involved in this. What concerns me are two things; the involvement of Captain Rhodes and as I have also learned that a cryogenic pod had been recovered by the Romulans along the Neutral zone; which lead to a standoff.
It appears the Romulans eventually released the pod to the Federation and that Captain Reyes ordered it to be sent to Whiteblood Sanctuary; a very dark hole Starfleet research facility. If Captain Reyes is affiliated with that facility; then I believe myself and Ensign Phoenix have gone down a proverbial rabbit hole; as they make the infamous Section 31 look like infants trying to play spy.

End Log


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