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Strange Dreams

Posted on Sun May 17th, 2020 @ 6:37am by Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho

"Computer start recording".

Sachzny sat in her cabin, her mind raced. "Blessings on my house and on my vessel, but I am confused about the strange dreams I appear to be suffering". She for once, paced as she spoke. "Images I do not understand are being replayed over and over in my mind. Flowers I have never seen nor know the name of, appear in larger and larger bunches. Animals to have appeared, animals I know can not exist anywhere in creation".

She walked and talked, "And warriors of an enemy as yet not met by myself, clad in a uniform I find strange and disturbing". She now sat down on her bed, "Do I attempt to solve this mystery on my own? Or do I seek guidance from the Doctor or councilor?" She rose once more and began to pace again, "My very being has been activated, as if I want to fight. But there is nothing to fight, and no reason to flee either".

Collecting a glass of cold water, Sachzny now sat back down and looked about her, "I heard a commotion earlier, I am sure it was the Captain. I did not involve myself in the commotion, as he was looking for the Doctor. If I am required, no doubt I will be summoned".

"Computer, save log and place in my personal file. Blessings on my Family and my Sinkahue".


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