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The Personal Journal of Inara Senn. (On Paper)

Posted on Sun Feb 4th, 2024 @ 1:11pm by Lieutenant Inara Senn

I don't want to get close to anyone. If I do... I may watch them disappear before my very eyes..

They need to hate me... They need a reason to stay away from me. Inara Senn.. The most insubordinate and isolated woman imaginable.. Maybe it will assist in them getting rid of me faster.

As long as you don't get too close. You can take anything... feel less pain... And this universe is pain... A pitiful and irritating divine comedy!!!! By asshole gods, that are siting in a theater. Watching us squirm. And laughing.

Truly, if there is a creator deity out here, then what it has created serves only one purpose. To cause mortal beings as much pain and suffering as possible. Only for us to have more pain and suffering after this life, in whatever afterlife lays after this nonsense. Oh if I could destroy this production, I would. If I could break the fourth wall, and kill the divine audience. I would.

But no... I have to live this existance... watching things I care about... Dissapear....

I will not have it!!! I'm tired of it..

Feeling nothing... is better than the pain....


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