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The Personal Journal of Inara Senn. Entry 2 (On Paper)

Posted on Sat Mar 30th, 2024 @ 9:11pm by Lieutenant Inara Senn

I am surrounded by people who believe being a Starfleet Officer should be priority over being a scientist. I'm hoping this insubordinate charade convinces them to kick me out of Starfleet. So I can prove Starfleet has become a military during the events of the Dominion War.

One year after the war ended. What has happened. We're still flying around in ships with more phaser banks than sensors. And with Quantum Torpedoes. It seems my estimation of everyone is disappointing, and we seem to be going back to the delightful jingoism of Admiral Leyton. Did anyone, during their battle fevor, forget him? Maybe we should talk about Admiral Necheyev? What was it she once said? "We should have never left those colonists on the other side of the DMZ."

What would you have done? Admiral Necheyev? Beamed down troops with orders to stun them and drag them out of their homes. I swear, If I didn't fight the Dominion for five years. I would have fought Necheyev for longer, as Russia has a habit of spawning the worst kind of people imaginable. Well maybe that's not true... Chekov was exceptional.

I hate it... I hate it all. I watched Shon's baby get kidnapped. And what did the gods do? The gods let Hela tempt Shon. Knowing she was in grief, knowing she was likely to do anything to get her child back. They not only let these cruel events happen. They are personally responsible for every moment of suffering. If I could rip them all out of this universe, this reality, and dump them all into oblivion!!! I would. They had no right to interfear with us, lord over us like arguing parents. Torment us with their egos!!! Why?!?! IS there any ultimate justice that keeps them in cfheck. I appeal to you to repair this hole. They left inside me. And tell me who this woman in this painting is!!!!

Please... I want something to hold onto. Except hippocrisy and madness!! Of a crew who wants to poke around in a nuclear coffin!!! We should leave this world.. Go to someplace nice.

There's nothing we can do for the dead, and I don't want to die just yet and end up in Hela's palace of horrors. I am deafly... dearly afraid. Of meeting the gods again.

End log. *Inara puts the journal into its hiding place.*


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