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Making up for lost time

Posted on Fri Nov 20th, 2020 @ 4:38pm by Lieutenant Michael Stonebridge

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Operations Center on Planet

Michael Stonebridge

Stonebridge paced the room arms folded across his chest with his chin in between his right hands thumb and pointer finger. His brow furrowed in deep thought. He had not shown a good account of himself and that bothered him tremendously! But the one thing he knew for sure was crying over split milk never made things any better. So he turned his attention to their present situation.

They were on a planet and staying alive would be the order of the day. Whilst the rest of the crew went about the business of fortifying the defences, his talents would best serve his Captain by finding vulnerabilities and figuring out a way to protect them and better safeguard the crew. Whilst at the same time sending his people out to gather as much Intel as possible.

He learned a long time ago in the academy that guarding a ship or building took the same planning as keeping safe anything else. You started with your immediate surroundings and branched out from there, listing all areas of special interest and using monitoring devices to monitor those areas. So he immediately started surveying the area to insure his crew and co workers were safe. He might have to coordinate with security so he wasn’t stepping on the chiefs toes.

So he gathered his team and issued them orders.

“Ok, the situation is as follows. We as Intel need to insure our tactics should we need them are sound and work to the greatest degree of efficiency. So survey and recon and get all pertinent data back to me so we can form a plan to help security and command keep this place safe. You’re all specialist in your field, so do that thing you do. As for gathering Intel, wherever bodies gather, I want one or two of our people there too, gathering info and feeding it back. We are monitoring everybody. Let’s go. Make it happen!” And he sent his people out to gather.

Lt Mike Stonebridge
Intel Chief
USS Washington


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