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Posted on Fri Nov 20th, 2020 @ 2:29pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Estella Stratton & Ensign James Phoenix

Mission: Sabotage

=^= Shran to Grayson. Situation report. =^=

=*= The planetary defensive system is secure. It is damaged but repairable. Sam, Carolyn and I are all fine. Have some minor bumps and bruises but nothing major. It looks like the Cardassians were only after the planetary defensive system.=^=

=^= Very good. We need answers from the governor. I'm coming down. See about wrangling the governor. It is time for us to get some straight answers. =^=

=^= Yes sir, I'm on it Straight answers would be nice.=^=

Sam breathed deeply as the Captain signed off - somewhat hesitant that the ships Captain was about to join them only a short time after they'd barely survived a Cardassian attack. She had no authority other than to try and protect him from hard and patch him up again afterwards.

Shran looked over at Estella, "I'd like for you to come along Estella. You might catch a glimpse of something and help force the truth to the surface."

"Yes, Captain," the Counselor replied crisply. Answers. She wouldn't mind a few of those herself.

Shran looked over to Celes, "Deanna, your have the bridge." He looked then to Ayana, "I know what you are going to say. I want you up here with Deanna, just in case things get crazy. Have somebody meet us in transporter room 2."

Ayana wasn't about to say anything; she knew better. She took a moment to think and then hit her comm badge, =^= Ensign Phoenix, report to transporter room 2 immediately. You are serving as security for the captain. =^=

James tapped his comm badge. =^= On my way. =^= James grabbed a phaser rifle and pistol as he made his way to the transporter room. For him, this was just another day as a tactical officer. However, he did wish that he did meet the captain under better circumstances.

Shran and the rest of the away team materialized in a blue hue on the planet. He spotted Samantha right away. "What is the situation here doctor" he asked.

" Depends - there are a large number of victims from a previous attack in the hospital with all manner of blunt forced trauma and energy weapon injuries. As for the recent attack though I believe the planetary defence grid was their target. We're all ok - the Cardassian's however are dead" Sam replied, still wiping dust and debris from her coated face.

"Very good. I trust that the welfare of these colonists is your priority. Make sure they are in a good situation. I need to get information from the governor. Cardassians attacking doesn't bode well. for any of us. Last thing I want to see is the war start up again. Hopefully Jon and I can get the information necessary for us to put a stop to all this before it escalates. Please impose on Fredrickson the need to get the colony defenses back up to full capacity immediately." The look on Shran's face was one of dire urgency.

Estella arched a brow at Sam's mention of a previous attack. How much wasn't being told here?

Shran headed towards the government complex with Estella and Phoenix in tow. He expected to find Jon with the governor. The time for answers was at hand.

Jon was indeed with the Governor and pressing him for answers as why the Cardassians would attack the colony and how they knew which building held the planetary defensive controls.

As instructed Sam returned to the hospital, lending a hand to triage any new patients that had come in during the latest attack. Thankfully there wasn't many, the defence grid seemingly the main focus of their attention this time. There were still many patients being treated from the last attack - it seemed the Cardassians had gone on a rampage to find what they were looking for - attacking anyone who was unfortunate enough to stand in their way.

"Governor, the Cardassians seemed quite determined in attacking you and us. Anything you wish to tell us?" asked Shran.

The governor looked like the cat that had been caught swallowing the canary, and he knew he had little choice but to come clean. "Fine!" he yelled as tears began to trickle down his face. "They have been coming every week or so, taking what they want, and attacking when we try to resist. They are lead by a Gul, but I don't know his name. They said they'd kill us all if we said anything! I had to protect my people."

Shran looked at Jon and then to Estella. "Counselor, I think your services are needed." Shran motioned towards Jon and the two walked several steps away, "I'm thinking we have a rogue sect of the Cardassian military. This could get messy. We need to make sure this colony is safe and defended properly. I want you to make sure defenses are in place here. I'll send down an engineering team to help get the defenses back up and a tactical team for you to empower to defend things while we track down these rogues. I'll contact Command to inform them before we get underway. I'd like to be on the hunt in 12 hours."

"Agreed," Jon answered simply as he listened to Shran detail what he wanted done. How big a tactical team are you going to leave? These people don't look capable of defending a nursery school."

Estella's expression remained one that may as well have been cast in stone. It betrayed neither her annoyance or her concern as she approached the Governor. "Governor, might you and I have some words? I'd like to discuss your current situation."

Shran contemplated for a moment before answering Jon. "I'll send down 20 security and tactical officers, and have Samantha bring down a few medics just in case, along with a large engineering team to get things fixed up quickly. I'm thinking Stonebridge and his men might be useful down here as well."

Jon listened as Shran gave his answer when he finished Jon spoke up. "Twenty security and tactical officer is good but I think the engineers will prove more valuable if they can get the planetary defenses up and running. The extra medics will help. Stonebridge and his group could be a definite asset.'

Shran nodded as Jon spoke. "Use Stonebridge for his tactical abilities. I'm sure he'll have some keen insights for you. Oh, and keep an eye on Estella. Not sure how safe she is with the governor." With that Shran walked off a few steps, obviously preparing to transport back to the ship. He looked at Phoenix, "Ensign, remain here on the planet. I suspect Cmdr Grayson can make good use of you here." And then suddenly, Shran disappeared in a blue hue.


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