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Something for Essie

Posted on Wed Dec 23rd, 2020 @ 1:17pm by Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Sabotage
Location: Jon's Quarters.
Timeline: Current

Jon was in his quarters. He was looking at the small wooden box sitting on his dresser. Walking over to it he opened it and a smile came to his face as he looked at the diamond engagement ring inside resting on the bed of velvet.

He picked up the ring and studied it. It was beautiful, flawless and pure just like it's intended wearer... Essie. He had wasted too much time already in getting to this point. He loved Essie, that would never change and he knew she loved him. They complimented each other perfectly. Each playing off the other's strength. Essie was calm and thoughtful. He was quick and decisive. She was cool, he could be a hot head. She doubted herself, he was extremely confident in his abilities.

Essie was his better half. She completed him, smoothed out his rough edges. She was the one person he was completely honest with as he trusted her and her advice, judgment. Even when mad with each other they could talk. They had gone through a rough patch when her father and brother had died on an away mission. Where she kept her feelings to herself and him at arms length. Then she had left and he was deeply hurt and withdrew into himself. Then she had returned and after a brief period of frostiness on both their parts. They had resumed their relationship and he had never been more grateful. It was amazing the effect she had on him, how good she made him feel. How special. He in return adored her. Would do anything to keep her safe and from any harm.

He put the ring back in the box and closed it, placing it in his pocket where he patted it gently. He was meeting Essie for dinner and it was there he would finally pop the question. He smiled and moved towards the door. "Merry Christmas Essie." He whispered.



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