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Posted on Fri Jan 29th, 2021 @ 7:45pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Michael Stonebridge

Mission: Sabotage
Location: USS Washington


The PADD that Stonebridge held lit up with the words Flash Message High Priority. Somebody wanted to reach him urgently. As he tapped the PADD the message went through decryption and then opened.

Previous information tainted. Believe it’s a trap.

That was all it said;

Stonebridge reached for his communicator and opened it. He took a breath then in a calm professional voice he spoke.

Comm+ “All stop. All stop.” And with that all four search teams went to ground and the Overwatch team began scanning the area for possible targets.

Comm+ “Copy all stop.” Replied Overwatch

Comm+”Immediate Exfil, I say again. Immediate Exfil.” Now the team knew there was something wrong. As they began to Exfil from the base, they retraced their steps. Making damned sure nothing had changed. Overwatch scanned the entire area looking for a shuttle a ship or any big surprises but there were none.

Within 2 mins three of the four teams had made it back to the entry point and were ready to leave. Jones and Anderson had yet to make it back. Wick was about to say something but the thump and boom of heavy canon fire stopped him cold.

Comm+”Where the hell did that originate?” Asked Stonebridge over the open comm channel!

Comm+”Not sure. But Overwatch is firing so they must see something.” Replied Wick

The wump and thump of the small rail gun was something to behold. After being fired three times. The area went quite again giving Anderson and Jones a chance to request a beam out for a medical emergency. Just what Stonebridge had hoped would not happen.

The beam out was successful. But if anyone was watching and knew how. They could find the shuttle and that meant leaving this place right now was a priority. With Jones and Anderson at the shuttle, Stonebridge allowed them entry and beamed the rest of the squad back as well. Now they needed to get airborne and grab Over watch on the way out.

Stonebridge jumped in the pilots seat the moment Anderson was stable.

“Strap in. I expect a rough departure.” He replied

As they lifted off, the ground below them erupted and ceased to exist. They had lifted off just in time. Now he was hoping that whoever did this didn’t get his Over watch team. As he locked in on them and began transport. All hell broke loose. So he pushed the transport toggle forward hoped for the best and punched it!

The shuttle rose gradually and finally made it out of the atmosphere. The shuttle was now headed for the Washington. With all its team on board barely!

Stonebridge was not furious as you might have thought he would be. He sat there with a sadistic smile on his face. “Well played, whoever you are. Well played.” He said in a whisper. The game was afoot, he thought to himself. Then proceeded to the Washington.

Comm+”Washington this is Stonebridge requesting clearance to dock in shuttle bay one.” Said Michael

Comm+”Permission granted!” Came the reply.

Once back on the ship. Anderson was taken to sickbay and the team put there weapons away getting ready for the debrief.

After the debrief. Stonebridge would go see the Captain and explain to him what took place. He would not be happy but at least now he knew what he was up against. Just then his PADD lit up again. The message simply read.


He smiled and headed toward the bridge. Once there he headed straight for the Captains ready room. He didn’t knock as the door was open.

“Captain, there's a Bar called the Road to Ruin on SEPTIMUS III. I need to go there to confirm my findings. If this is what I think it is, we may have found our trouble makers.” Replied Stonebridge

Shran sat silent for a moment, a pensive look as he mulled the information over. "Very well. Leave immediately, we will follow behind you in 3 hours."


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