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Into the Fire

Posted on Mon Jan 18th, 2021 @ 3:52pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Michael Stonebridge

Mission: Sabotage
Location: USS Washington

Shran came onto the bridge with Jon following close behind him. Celes was sitting in the command chair as Shran and Jon made their way down to their typical stations. "We are ready to get underway sir. The task force with be in the system in just under two hours" reported Deanna.

"Very good. Take your station" replied Shran as he sat in his chair. "Conn, lay in a course for Celtris III, warp 8."

"Course laid in sir" replied L'Rissa.


The Washington broke orbit and then, a few moments later jumped to warp.

Shran looked over at Jon. "Make sure we have plenty of sensor probes ready when we arrive at Celtris III. While I am dubious at the possibility that the Cardassians would return to this known facility on that planet, you never know. It is difficult to scan the planet without the probes. Have Stonebridge ready his team for possible deployment as well."

"Yes sir. I'll see to it." Jon answered crisply. "Though the Cardassians may be thinking that since the facility is known that no one would go look there. That it is too obvious a place to go. I'll also alert Stonebridge to get his team ready for a potential deployment."

Stonebridge had just entered the bridge. “Sir I readied a team when I knew we were making our approach. Intel is ready to go!” Replied Stonebridge taking his place on the bridge.

"Very good"

The ship made its way to Celtris III rapidly.

"Standard orbit" ordered Shran. "Launch sensor probes.

"Not detecting any life forms on the surface" said Celes.

"Stonebridge, you are good to beam down and search the base."

Stonebridge tapped his Commbadge. Tap ”Intel away team to the shuttle bay and make ready to depart.” With that he stood up and left the bridge.

Within minutes Stonebridge had his team ready and on the shuttle. As they entered the atmosphere of the planet he scanned the base for good vantage points. Finding what he was looking for he ordered his over-watch team to beam to a location that covered the entire base. From their they could cover the team on the ground and as they started their exfil.

"Johnson you and Wick take your position here." As he pointed to the screen. They nodded grabbed their equipment and stood on the pad. Within seconds they were gone. Sending a signal to inform Stonebridge that they had made it safely, as they were still under radio silence as per protocol. Johnson was the sniper and Wick was his security. They quickly put up a dampening field tent which also served as camouflage and began to scope out the area.

Once the shuttle landed outside the perimeter, the rest of the team departed the shuttle and secured it. They were in a squad formation as they moved to contact. Using his phaser as a cutting tool, Stonebridge made it through the outer fence. The team kept moving until Stonebridge gave the all stop. Then using hand and arm signals, he directed the tea to break up into twos and conduct a search of the area. He would keep track of the team on his Intel PADD.

Rollins and Smith were the first to enter a structure. In a whisper, Rollins called in his position and Stonebridge confirmed it. The shuttle was locked on each members Bio signs. If one of them dropped drastically that member and the medic would be transported back to the Shuttle. And thus the search continued.


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