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Deceptions cont.

Posted on Sun Feb 7th, 2021 @ 4:00pm by Lieutenant Michael Stonebridge & Captain Shran dh'Klar

Mission: Sabotage
Location: SEPTIMUS 3

Deceptions cont.

Stonebridge left the Captain’s ready room and started his new mission. As he walked through the ship enroute to the shuttle bay, operatives on his team fell in behind him. This time there would be six of them. His a team.

As they reached the shuttle Stonebridge spoke.

“Standard mission protocol. Gathering info only unless attacked. If that happens you know what to do. We do not get captured. Scorched Earth. You got me?” And each member gave a head nod followed by an audible grunt as they boarded the shuttle and dropped their gear.

The shuttle was cleared for departure and they were gone. Six hours later Stonebridge began his small but detailed mission brief.

“Our attire on this mission is dirty space monkey looking for work. If challenged, play it off. We’re working in teams of twos unless the SHTF. In that instance we group in fire team mode and take down whatever asshole is giving us opposition. Work through the problem and get back to our transport. If you see any known HVT personnel, don’t spare the ammo. They become collateral damage. This way at least we rid the universe of a couple dick heads. Our primary mission is the dissidents. We are looking for info that leads to the Cardassian Terrorist base. That’s why we are here. So cozy up make friends and gather info. If you get what we need. Drink up make your apologies and leave the bar. The rest of us will be right behind you. I want everyone on comms.”

And he turned and went back to flying the shuttle. They had dropped down into the atmosphere about five minutes earlier to land within walking distance of the bar. “We’re about ten miles out. Suit up!”


The Road to Ruin Bar and Cafe:

Road to ruin was a favourite for a lot of space drifters and wannabes. But every once in a while you could find someone here who was actually somebody feared or revered by their contemporaries. One thing was for sure, every Intelligence agency in the sector had eyes and ears in this place. Fleet was no exception.

As Stonebridge entered the bar, heads turned and then turned back to what they were doing. Stonebridge was dressed in centuries old earth gear. Jeans Timberlands and an OD green fatigue jacket with a black raggedy hoodie. Typical roughneck looking for work type get up! No one would peg him as an operative working for the fleet!

As he scanned the room, he clocked two HTVs (High Value Targets) but now was not the time for such shenanigans'. He was focuses and looking for answers to a situation that almost caused him a member of his team, and could have been far worse had that message not arrived when it did. Five steps behind him entered the second member of his team. Dressed in similar attire, no one paid attention to him either. They fanned out over the inside of the bar area taking up strategic locations with enter connecting fire solutions should there be a fire fight.

Stonebridge took a stool at the bar.

"Hey Bar keep, can I get a drink over here?" he asked loud enough for anyone who wanted to hear him could, taking the attention away from his team and focused on him.

Adams was the first to strike up a conversation with someone.

"Hey buddy." as he engaged a patron of the bar.

"What can I help you with?" asked the gruff old drunk.

"I'm looking for work. Not too particular what it is as long as it pays good." said Adams

"Buy me a drink and lets talk about it." said the man.

Adams looked around the room and found a waitress. He held up a hand and she ambled over to the table. "What can I do for you?" she asked with a cute little smile.

"A couple drinks for me and my new friend here." and he settled in to start a conversation with his drinking buddy. Just before leaving the shuttle, they all took drugs to keep them from getting drunk. It was protocol for such missions.

Shran looked over that data Celes had provided. He tried to concentrate on it, but he was being a bit impatient. "ETA to Septimus III?" he inquired.

"We will arrive in 23 minutes captain" replied L'Rissa.

Shran returned to looking at the data, his mind wondering what they might find on Septimus III, and wondering why Stonebridge hadn't checked in at this point.


The team was getting comfortable so it was time for a sitrep. Stonebridge gauged the room and then popped out his PADD so as not to be seen by anybody but himself, then he tapped out a quick message and put it away. That message would let the Captain know that his team was in play and radio silence was in affect.

There was one thing that rang true throughout the intelligence field, if you had an op running. You had observers out and op’s everywhere. And when those doing the observing saw something worth reporting, they would leave a crowed room or make any excuse to get away so they could report what they saw.

This op was no different. Inexperienced operators glowed like a special scented candle. You could smell them a mile away. So when a Cardassian citizen drank up and headed for the door, Stonebridge said three words over comms. “Coming your way.”

The Cardassian walked out of the bar a looked around. He began to reach for something but never made it.

The two Intel officers quickly grabbed him and the three transported to the shuttle which was hidden well and truly out of site. First they would secure his mouth and hands. Then they would search him for and devices and put them in a box that had a level ten dampening field on it. Then they would run the holo program set up especially for these types of situations.

It was called kill the witness. It consisted of two Intel officers interrogating an operative. It would look like the beaten and broken operative could give them what they wanted so they vaporised him on the spot. Not something that any Intel officer would like to have happen.

So they played it out as soon as they knew the captive was awake.

Stonebridge entered the compartment of the shuttle where it was all going down.

“Anything useful?” He asked

“Nah he’s playing the dumb silent role.” Replied the officer.

“In that case we can’t use him so, let’s move on to the next.” Ordered Stonebridge

With that Stonebridge checked to ensure the captive was watching and pulled his phaser set to highest possible setting and aimed it at the man looked back toward the captive and pulled the trigger. The hollow gram disintegrated. “Next.” Said Stonebridge with a sadistic smile.

“Maybe our final contestant knows how the games is played!” As the two operatives wrestled him up on his feet.

You could see the fear in his eyes. Couldn’t have been very old, which is why he was on op duty in the first place.

They sat him where the previous Cardassian had sat. Then Stonebridge gave him the rules.

“It’s very simple really. We ask you answer and tell the truth. You live to fight another day. You lie, and today is your last day in existence. The game begins now, do you understand?” He asked

The man shook his head to the affirmative and they began.

“We know what you’re a part of so lying will only make things worst for you. It’s like this. You’ve been caught. And there’s always tomorrow.” Said Stonebridge

“Hhhow do I know you won’t kill me anyway?” He asked

“Well you see it’s like this. If we did that. We’d be on everybody’s kill list and we like the freedom to move around and the reputation for being fair. So give us what we need and you live to fight another day. If you don’t, it won’t matter!” Said Stonebridge

You could see the wheels turning in his head. As it turned out. He was smarter than he looked.

He told them pretty much what they needed to know and in return they transported him to an uninhibited location with a bottle of water and food for a day. If he made it, good on him.

It was now time to recall the rest of the team and get off this rock since the Washington should be overhead in a matter of minutes!

End of log


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