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Posted on Mon Feb 8th, 2021 @ 12:01am by Ensign James Phoenix

Mission: Sabotage
Location: USS Washington

[Mess Hall, USS Washington]

James walked into the mess hall, after an uneventful shift. He walked over to the replicator to order some food.

"One Philly Cheese-steak with coffee please", said the Ensign. Seconds later, the meal appear in the replicator, and he took it out and went to sit down near a window. Right now they were at warp so there wasn't too much to see outside. He was still recovering from the flashback he had, but he quickly ignored it. Right now he knew that they were going to be arriving at their next stop in an hour or two, and he figured that while he'd be off-shift, he'd probably still be needed. But nevertheless, he had enough time to kill, which he'd spend in the holodeck. He finished his food, and downed his coffee, and went to the holodeck.

[Holodeck, USS Washington]

"Computer, please begin program Phoenix-Alpha-3."

A few seconds later, what was a boxing ring to James, appeared around James, and in front of him was a Klingon. It was supposed to be a simple sparring match, with bat'leths, the go-to Klingon melee.

"Ah ha! Come at me, human!", teased the Klingon, trying to egg the Ensign on. James then charged at the Klingon at swung the bat'leth at the Klingon's weapon to disarm him. However, this failed as the Klingon blocked the attack, and kicked James onto his back, causing him to slide on his back to the corner of the ring. The Klingon charged at James, while the Ensign was still on the ground, but he managed to grab his weapon and counter the attack and get up. Unfortunately, the Klingon had other plans.

The Klingon laughed. "You petaQ!", then he charged at James again, and this time he was ready. When the Klingon swung the bat'leth, James blocked the bat'leth, with his own. Then, in a struggle for strength between him and the Klingon, until James kicked him in the chest, sending the Klingon to the floor, and sliding to the corner, like he did to James. As he walked over to the Klingon, who was unconscious, James sighed with sweat soaking through parts of his shirt, and sat down, before helping the Klingon up after regaining consciousness.

After a few moments of catching his breath, James decided to leave the holodeck, and go to his quarters and take a fresh shower.

"Computer, end program", the Ensign said as he got up and threw his jacket over his shoulder and left the Holodeck.


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