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Deployment to Septimus III

Posted on Tue Mar 9th, 2021 @ 5:37am by Lieutenant Michael Stonebridge & Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: Sabotage
Location: in orbit Septimus 3

Shuttle One:

Lt. Stonebridge and 12 Security Officers and 11 Intel Officers began boarding the shuttle to begin the operation. As did the XO and the medical Shuttle.

That’s the thing about intelligence, if you don’t use it you waste it. Previous to Stonebridge putting all eyes on him and his team, he had sent a two man observation team to watch the area of the dissident camp. Their orders were simple. Observe and report. And when something significant arose. They were to let Stonebridge know. That time had just come.

On the planet surface. Hidden by electronic means from detection or otherwise being found.

“Heads up. We got movement.” Reported the operative.

“Good I’ll bring the COMM's on line.” It was a fleet sub space COMM's system that only Intel had. Good for situations just like this.

“Ok. We got two HVTs. One Hostage is visible. Loads of hidden security and a couple heavy weapons. It’s going to be hard getting in that way. We need to scope out another entry point.” Said the operative as he scanned the area.

“Look right of the entrance about twenty meters down the side of that hill. What does that look like to you?”

“It looks like an air vent and the perfect way in for a 7 man team.”

“Ok. Mark that location and get this info to our chief.”

USS Washington:

After the info was sent to Intel on the Washington. It was decided and rushed to Stonebridge.

Moments later:

“Sir.” As the runner entered the room. “A message from our OP.”

Stonebridge grabbed the Intel read it and hit his communications device.

“Captain this is Stonebridge, I have crucial Intel you need to see like ten minutes ago!” Said Stonebridge

=^=I'm headed to the shuttle bay with Commander Grayson lieutenant. Meet us there. =^= Shran hit his COMM's badge to deactivate. He continued to walk with Jon, "He sounds like he may have what you need to get going. I can only hope things go well for you down there. You're going to be outnumbered, but I trust you are ready for that."

"We can handle it sir. Been outnumbered before." Jon replied softly but confidently.

"I know you'll do fine" replied Shran.

Stonebridge made it to the shuttle bay, At the same time. “Sir, the situation is as follows. A couple of HVTs have been sighted and a Hostage, so we’re pretty sure we know where they are being kept. Plus we think we’ve found a slightly safer way in. Thanks to our observers on the ground.” Reported Stonebridge

Jon listened as Stonebridge rattled off the latest intel. "What's the new way in?" He questioned.

Stonebridge pointed to the air vent not far from the main entrance. "Here." he said

"I'd say you have the intel you need. Good luck gentlemen. Good hunting." Shran gave them both a strong look of confidence before heading back to the bridge.

Shuttle Two

On Board the shuttle Dr. Sam Howard sat in the co-Pilot's seat, her med-case stashed in the rear of the shuttle and fingers dancing on the controls as they maneuvered the shuttle into position.

"You ready?" She asked Jon quietly.

Jon smiled at her. "Sure thing Sam. A walk in the park." He told her with false bravado. "What about you? How are you doing?"

" There is an old adage regarding toilets and bricks that I will not elaborate on. I think you know the one. I'll be find - let's get in, and get the hell out again" Sam replied with more confidence than she felt. Behind them, the security officer sat silent, studying the Padd in front of him.

Jon chuckled softly. "I do indeed know it and I totally agree with that sentiment. No fuss, no muss. be like the wind." He finished as he powered the systems up. Ready to launch when their turn came.

" I just want to get it over with now" She admitted, having talked herself into getting on with the job. They sat nervously waiting for the go-ahead. She prayed they would all come back alive.

"You and me both Sam. Tell you what, first, you watch my back and I'll watch yours. Next when this is over and we're back on the Washington the drinks are on me."

"You got a deal Jon. We both come back intact, nothing else is acceptable" She extended one hand for him to shake on their deal as they waited for the go ahead. Behind them the security staff, intel agents and medical staff stirred restlessly.

"Absolutely Sam. As you said nothing else matters." Jon replied solemnly as his had grasped Sam's in a handshake of not only crew members but close friends each who would do whatever they could to make sure the other came back alive.

Together, they waited until they had the green light for liftoff.

Stonebridge informed the Ops station on the bridge of the Washington that they were ready to deploy! Stonebridge was a bit disappointed if he was honest. Every Op he had ever been on had a clever name to it, but this one did not. There had always been a formal briefing but this one did not. And the mission parameters had been clearly outlined for simplicity's sake and this one had not. He resigned himself to the fact that he could not work like this and would have a word with the Captain upon completion of this mission if they made it back.

+Comm+" Ops, this is Stonebridge, we are ready to depart." said the Intel Chief

+Comm+" You have permission to deploy when you are ready. Good hunting." replied the ops officer on duty.

With that clearance, all three shuttles departed:

End of log


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