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Stallion (BACKPOST)

Posted on Sat Nov 13th, 2021 @ 10:06pm by Ensign James Phoenix
Edited on on Sat Nov 13th, 2021 @ 10:06pm

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: Mirror Universe
Timeline: Current?


I meant to write this post a while ago, but I got caught up with life and other sims, so I apologize. This is sort of a backpost, but it's also aftermath of what happened to mirror Phoenix. Hope y'all enjoy.


Phoenix stood in the operations center of Terok Nor. For a while, the alliance had a grasp on the station until the rebels took it back, with the help from officers from the Prime Universe. James was somewhat jealous that his counterpart partook in that. Nevertheless, he was back in his own reality.

The work to repair the damages done to the station had been grueling. They were less fortunate in that they didn't have as many resources as the humans in the other universe. But, the work was getting done.

Smiley approached the mercenary. It had been a little while since the incident and he wasn't sure how to relay the message that was relayed to him by Phoenix's counterpart from the other universe. If it weren't for taking back the station and the repairs being made, James would have known sooner.

Phoenix looked up to see the man approach him. Before the incident, he didn't know Smiley that well, except for his reputation. They only had words in passing. That all changed after they took back the station and Phoenix returned to the MU, primarily because of their experiences in both universes. "Hey. How goes with he rest of the station?" James questioned.

"It is alright, at the moment. Most of the items that were in the Alliance's possession are either destroyed or kept for our benefit" Smiley answered. "Though Bashir and I have been attempting to create better security for the station. Of course, we need someone to lead that. I've been thinking. You would be a good fit for that."

James looked at him questioningly. "Are you sure I would be a good fit for that. I haven't been on the station all that long" he began.

Smiley interrupted "Potentially, if we can actually make this work" Smiley said cryptically. "Look, even if you haven't been back on the station that long, I know your capable. Even if he isn't exactly you, I watched your counterpart and his comrades help take back Terok Nor" Smiley's expression quickly faded to grim.

It appeared that the discussion of Phoenix's counterpart and his friends had triggered something. "Is everything alright?" he asked observantly.

"Not to knock on wood, but in terms of the station, yes, everything is alright. But not for you" he began.

"I don't quite understand."

Smiley sighed. "It's something your counterpart said to me before they went back to their universe. He relayed a message."

"A message?"

"Yes. At first I didn't realize what it meant, and I should have told you sooner. I apologize for that by the way."

"What did he- I mean- what did I say?"

He could think of no better way to break the news to him. the only way was just to outright say the message that was supposed to be relayed to Phoenix.

"Stallion" Smiley said instantly.

His expression faded to nothing. His face was blank. He knew what it meant. It meant nothing good. At all. "The Alliance was responsible for her death?"

"Yes. They are. They always will be."

James looked up. "Even if Her and I hated each other, I have always wondered that if deep down, we actually cared about each other."

Smiley chuckled lightly. "You two did. During her time here when the station was under Alliance control, and even before it, she was a fighter."

"She was. That's for certain."

The two stood in silence for a few minutes. Even if him and Ash hated each other with a passion, they cared about each other, even if they both had been too stubborn to admit it. The true question was for both Phoenix and his prime counterpart: where did they go from here?

After a few minutes the two had both left operations. James made his way to his quarters on the station. Granted, inside the quarters, there wasn't much, except for a cot and some shelves. He'd have to get all of his dietary need elsewhere on the station. Even so, it was better than the cramped cells his friends and comrades were stuck in before.

He looked around the quarters that only contained himself. Even though since his return he had spent almost every night in those quarters, he felt empty. Like he was missing something. Or someone.

He fell to his knees and broke down. He didn't want to admit it, but like the other rebels, he had lost so much. No, he lost everything except his current life on the station. It was still too much to hold in. James didn't know where his life would lead from this point on, weather it would be as Terok Nor's head of security, or something else. He did have one thing: hope.


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