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All Quiet on the Western Front

Posted on Sun Nov 14th, 2021 @ 8:03pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: USS Washington

Shran came onto the bridge with a smile on his face. While being on the away mission had been a good change of pace for him, being back on the bridge of his ship was like returning home. He made his way down to his command chair which Jon was occupying at the moment. "So, how were things up here while I was away?"

"Quiet." Jon rising to vacate the command chair. "In fact we were thinking of having a poker tournament to liven things up." He paused for a moment before adding, "Welcome back. How did you find the surface other than cold?"

"The surface was invigorating for me, though I think the rest of the away team would disagree. Below the surface however..."the Andorian fell momentarily silent. "...these Breen were committing atrocities I didn't think any civilized species would tolerate or allow, let alone actually be part of. It made some of the work done by the Cardassians during their occupation of Bajor seem tame. We found children, captive children that they were experimenting on. It was like something out of human history I remember from my Academy days by some radical group on your European continent, the Nazis I think." Shran shook his head in dismay. "We destroyed the Breen base after we rescued the children. I don't mind telling you I got some personal satisfaction and a sense of retribution in that. Once Sam and Dex complete the medical work up on the children, I'm sure the counselling staff will have some work to do." Shran turned and looked towards the viewscreen which showed only open space as they continued to orbit the planet. "I'm a little surprised it was quiet up here. I thought you might actually have some action, perhaps a Breen ship or two to deal with. Perhaps a poker game is in order to liven things up for you."

"To be honest, I was glad for the quiet especially with all we've been through." Jon replied taking a long breath. "Yes, the Nazis were known for committing numerous atrocities on men, women and children of the Jewish faith. Millions died by the Nazi hand."

"Any news on reinforcements to this sector? I can't imagine the Breen won't attempt another incursion despite this setback. And any news from Casperia Prime?"

Jon nodded, "Yes sir. As far as reinforcements, The Lafayette
and The Poseidon are headed this way, expected ETA is 17 hours. Casperia Prime states no new Breen incursions but Breen ships have been spotted in the system." Jon looked at his CO and friend. "Sir, it sounds like the Breen are amassing their ships to strike at Casperia Prime again."

Shran shook his head in disbelief. "The Breen simply haven't accepted what happened all those years ago and think they can strike without repercussions. The war was bad enough, now they seem intent on starting another. I hoped to never see such a thing again. Signal the Poseidon and Lafayette and reroute them to the Casperia system. They can join the Akira and others their to deal with the Breen that remain. We'll return ourselves to take the lead against the Breen once we finish here." Shran sat and slammed a fist into the armrest of his chair. "Not the results I had hoped for. Surely not what you expected after your latest reunion I suspect."

"They are definitely up to something and they aren't making any effort to hide it. Makes me think this is all some sort of elaborate misdirection. Have us looking at Casperia Prime while they strike somewhere else." Jon answered. "I'll signal the Lafayette and Poseidon and get them rerouted to Casperia Prime." He assured Shran and then shrugged his shoulders. "It is what it is. Just take it as it comes and make the best of it. Though there are times it's a lot harder than it sounds."

Shran looked deep in thought for a moment. "Jon, you have me thinking. You may be right, they could be looking to divert our ships in the sector to protect Casperia Prime while they seek to take another target. Let's go down to stellar cartography and take a closet look at what viable targets might be ripe for the picking." Shran stood up and looked around and noticed only junior officers besides Jon and himself. He smiled, "L'Rissa, Celes or Ayana will be up shortly. You handle the bridge until then." He saw the panic in her eyes as stood and acknowledged and then he flashed a sly grin in Jon's direction before heading to the turbolift with his XO.

Jon chuckled at L'Rissa's look of panic. "Relax L'Rissa, Want me to call Sickbay and have some bring up a hypo full of tranquilizer for you?" He asked as the turbo lift doors closed and cut off her reply.

Entering stellar cartography Shran was pleasantly surprised to find somebody in there when they arrived. The young ensign snapped to when she saw the two senior officers come in. It was a young human female who Shran estimated couldn't be out of the Academy more than a week or two. "At ease ensign. We need to look at everything here in the Maxia sector."

"Yes sir." chimed the ensign, her voice shaky. She brought up the requested material, including the current location of all Federation ships and bases.

"Here we are Jon. Xendi Starbase 9 could be a target, but they'd need at least two squadrons of ships to take or destroy the station before StarFleet reinforcements could arrive. Setlik III and Ronara Prime have Federation patrols and strong military implacements since the Cardassian conflicts, Cerebus has medical technology that is considered unique. We have a starbase in the Decos system orbiting Decos Prime that we used in the war. What do you think Jon? Any of these seem like probable targets to you?"

Jon looked at the map, his mind swiftly looking at the possible targets and mentally going through the pros and cos of each. He addressed Shran, Xendi Starbase 9 is out. Too long to over come it's defenses. Same is true for Setlik Prime and Ronara Prime.. Federation presence is too strong. Decos, is out of the way of the activity we've witnessed, That leaves Cerebus. Which I feel is their target especially as you said they were experimenting on children. Not to mention they have minimum in the way of defenses." Jon summoned up and waited for Shran's comments and observations.

Shran looked at the map as he mulled over Jon's words. He made excellent points, tactical points. "Assume you are right and Cerebus is the target. How would you proceed?"

Again, Jon didn't rush an answer. He thought a few moments before replying. "First I'd send a coded priority one message to the commander of Cerebus alerting them of a possible threat and to lock down any and all experiments. To seal all research as well. Then not to alert the Breen we suspect them of anything, we leave the area, going in the opposite direction of Cerebus. Once we're out of any possible sensor range we double back at high warp to Cerebus." He concluded.

"That sounds like a plan I can get behind. We'll need reinforcements. I'm thinking perhaps we redeploy the Lafayette and Poseidon to be the opposite flank of this little game of cat and mouse you want to play, adding in a fun pincer move. As i recall, Poseidon is an Akira class vessel and Lafayette is Nebula class, so the two of them should be able to handle themselves in tandum in a fight, and the Washington is more than capable in a fight. I believe you have a few priority messages to send commander. I'll take care or the base on Cerebus and make sure the planet is secure, you coordinate the ships. Have the Akira and her group go to a more aggressive posture in Casperia, try to flush out the decoys. The game is afoot Jon" Shran said with a smile. "Let's get these bastards.

"You are correct sir. The Poseidon is an Akira and the Lafayette a Nebula. They can hold their own in a fight. I'll get the messages sent to the captains of the Poseidon and Lafayette informing them of the plan and their parts in it." Jon replied crisply before adding. "Couldn't agree more sir. Lets nail them to the wall."

Shran gave a wry smile to Jon. "Make the ship battle ready Jon. We are going on a hunt."

Jon nodded in approval of Shran's words. "Yes sir. Then I best get back to the bridge. I'll also get the coded messages out to the Poseidon and Lafayette, letting them know the plan. As well as getting the ship ready for battle." Jon replied as he moved towards the door to carry out his duties as First Officer.


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