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Fire and Ice

Posted on Sun Aug 29th, 2021 @ 2:05pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Michael Stonebridge

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: USS Washington

Shran sat in his command chair on the bridge and coordinated efforts while keeping tabs on the Breen. While he was more than capable of handling everything, this was one of the moments he wished Jon was available. He needed his right hand man.

Shran hit his comm badge, =^=Shran to Stonebridge. Lieutenant, you and your men will be needed. The Breen have just violated the treaty and I want to know why. I want you ready for deployment. =^=

Stonebridge was prepping for just that eventually. “Roger that sir. We will be ready in 5 Mike’s.” Came the reply from Intel.

Suddenly, as if he had known he had been needed, the turbolift doors at the rear of the bridge opened and Jon walked out in uniform. Shran looked back and spotted his XO. "Jon, I wasn't aware the counselor had cleared you."

Jon didn't answer right away as he crossed the bridge and stood beside Shran in the center seat. " Commander Grayson reporting for duty and yes I am restored to active duty with the understanding I have weekly meetings with the counselor for the foreseeable future. Her words not mine."

Shran gave a slight grin. "Good to have you back, at not a moment too soon. It would appear our leisurely trip to Casperia Prime has been turned into something of a battle scenario thanks to the Breen. We dealt with the bulk of the forces, but one escaped and is moving at high speed back towards Breen space. With other StarFleet vessels en route here and due within the hour I was considering going after them and finding out what exactly is going on. Do you concur?"

Jon didn't rush an answer as he thought about pursuing the Breen ship. After weighing the pros and cons of following and quite possibly engaging the Breen ship, he nodded. "I concur. Lets stop them before they get back to Breen space and make a full report."

Shran nodded approvingly and looked over to the Conn station, L'Rissa currently manning the station. "Pursuit course on that Breen vessel, warp 9" he ordered. L'Rissa input the course and speed and the ship jumped to warp.

Shran looked to Jon, "I have Stonebridge and his team readying as a boarding party. I want them to board the Breen ship when we catch up to it so we can get some answers. I'd like a second team to go with them, a more standard away team. Pick out who you think would be of use."

Jon hesitated a beat, "How big do you want my away team to be?" He asked mentally figuring on four. But he waited to get the Captain's opinion.

"I'll leave that to your discretion" replied Shran.

"I think the smaller the better." Jon replied. "No more than myself and three others."

Shran nodded approvingly. "Sounds good Jon. Choose your team and be ready." He looked over to the Conn, "L'Rissa ETA with the Breen vessel?"

L'Rissa looked at her instruments, "ETA 1 hour 20 minutes at current speed. We can overtake them in 20 minutes if we increase to maximum warp."

Shran looked at Jon. He suspected Jon would be as willing as he was to get this underway as quickly as possible. "Very well. Increase to maximum warp." Shran looked back to Jon, "You have 20 minutes of prep time. And Jon, do play nice with Stonebridge" he said with a sly grin.

Jon gave a soft groan but managed not to roll his eyes. "No promises sir." He replied simply.

As Jon exited the bridge, Shran turned his attention the matter of the Breen ship. "Ayana, load photons and charge phasers. Return us to red alert. Raise the shields and be ready to engage the Breen vessel. I want to disable it. Target weapons and engines. I want to be able to let our teams to have a place to go to find out what brought on this unprovoked attack."


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