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A walk in the night

Posted on Sat Aug 28th, 2021 @ 12:14pm by Lieutenant Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: Holodeck 3. USS Washington.

The jungle here is dark and deep,
Under the canopy it’s secrets keep.
To walk unknown into the night
Until your thoughts burst into light’.

The jungle was dark and humid the night the Lord of All Sehlats walked free. The broad leaves of the colada trees drooped in suppliance their tears of rain reaching the ground to water the path their Lord walked. His firm pads and razor sharp claws made no sound as he walked in the night stalking his prey. Death was his religion and he was its master.
His broad proud head lifted to sniff the air. He knew his prey was nearby and they felt their death was upon them. He let out a roar that carried through the jungle like a clear bell announcing to all that their Lord had come. He paused before he jumped, every sinew and whisker quivering to deliver swift death to the lesser animals that would lay down their lives for their Lord. As he passed by all the others bowed to him noses touching the ground and eyes looking down. The kill was his, no one would deny him the thrill of rending the flesh of his foes and…….. rolling them into little balls to bat around. The females of his tribe gathered round, the reflection of his emerald collar in their eyes. Yes, he would choose one mate tonight who would give him the next generation of his progeny. They laid on their backs offering themselves to him.

“Puss, Puss where are you?” A clear voice called into the jungle night. He stopped and listened. Shaking his shaggy head he turned and headed for his friend, ‘so end the dreams of all’ he thought. He turned for one last look at his harem then set off to look for his charge. In the real world she was his responsibility, his tie to the strange human world in which he lived. He was there for her when she woke screaming in the night, when she buried her face in his fur to cry. Yes he was responsible for her yet lately she had been returning to their lair covered in strange smells, it unnerved him as he knew that he was unable to protect her from the day. He padded up to her nuzzling her hand with his face.

“Where have you been? She asked, not expecting a reply. He told her but all she heard were a series of loud protracted feline vocalizations. She knelt down so her face was level to his. This he liked, it meant he could look into her green eyes but, he liked the silver most of all. It meant her emotions, the Riasan side of her were strong. He was all about emotions. The love of his food that she served him with twice a day, the emotion he felt when her hands touched his shaggy fur, when her fingers caressed his chin and, when sometimes at night he could feel her naked skin through the air contained in his fur. If only she was feline she would be his number one mate, head of all his harem.

“I wonder what you are thinking my dear one?” She said as she looked into his dark eyes his pupils wide due to the reduced jungle light. He felt her breath enter his nose with the three billion receptors that allowed him to suspire all her wants, all her needs and especially all her insecurities. Yes he knew she held a high post in this strange new world she had brought him too but when she came home it was to him she shared it all with. The Vulcan part of her he could not understand. His world was one of emotions, good bad, wicked and indifferent and he loved those inside her.

She rolled over onto her back a bed of green leaves beneath her and breathed in the scent of the calliope lilies that grew wild around her. The warm leaf loam making a mattress under her he climbed up onto her abdomen, his huge paws and teeth either side of her face and licked her nose. She held his face close to hers and looked int0 his deep eyes. They seemed endless reminding her of younger, happier days when life was free and for the taking.

His eyes closed as the scents of the jungle overwhelmed him. Something was calling him into the night and he could do nothing but heed the call. He climbed off her as she lay with her eyes closed and walked back into the jungle. Once again lord of all he surveyed he followed the sound of running water until he came to a large deep pool, cool and green fed by a waterfall that rose and fell as the rocks jutted out within its face.

He heard her behind him the quick light step she always had, excitement in her voice. “Oh yes Puss.” He lazily lapped the cool liquid as she disrobed. He lifted his head and watched as she walked into the green until she completely disappeared. He stood, his eyes searching for her as heavy raindrops began to fall through the trees and the faint rumble of approaching thunder saussured through him. Then in a fountain rush of water falling her body appeared as she rose, her hair smooth against her neck. He heard her laugh with joy as she floated, the water supporting her and also being washed by the rain. He retired under the cover of a large Thera tree. He knew he would never understand her love of getting wet but he respected it.
‘She would have made a beautiful feline’ he thought as he watched her muscular body rise from the water to sit with him under the tree. She laid her arm gently over his back and scratched his neck. “My beautiful boy” she whispered. “I promise we will always have these times together forever as long as we both live.” He felt the words enter him through her fingertips as she caressed his fur.

“But now Puss we have to go, I have a report to get through and meditation before I sleep.” He knew sadly that this walk was at an end, this time, but he knew they would walk together forever wherever they were.


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Comments (1)

By Commander Jonathan Grayson on Sat Aug 28th, 2021 @ 2:06pm

What a beautiful post! absolutely first rate in not only showing the love and bond between a human and her 'pet' but as well as their different perspectives.