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Settling In

Posted on Tue Sep 21st, 2021 @ 7:18pm by Lieutenant Aiko Kato

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Shortly After Departure from DS9

Aiko entered her quarters and took a deep breath letting it out slowly as she glanced at her surroundings. She was feeling tipsy after her stopover at Quark’s. Still, she had managed to find her quarters. It had been a long day and her body was aching for any place that she could lay down to catch a few hours of shut eye.

There were boxes stacked neatly in several areas of the main living area much to her surprise. Apparently, the quartermaster had been able to deliver her personal effects to her quarters. She had been expecting that to be a task for tomorrow, but she was thankful that she could at least strike down from her list of to dos.

However, the arrival of her rather large personal effects meant that she would have to turn her attention to unpacking quickly so as not to offend her roommate. Although as a Lieutenant Aiko had the option of requesting single quarters to herself, she had opted for shared accommodations.

Experience had taught her that one of the fastest ways to make friends in a strange new environment was usually through a roommate. She was yet to meet her roommate and only knew that she was an unjoined Trill.

The quarters was fairly spacious, likely because of the size of the Washington. She estimated that the size was more than double the personal quarters she had on the Scylax. The living area alone was bigger than the quarters she had on the Scylax.

She studied her environment, noting the open concept arrangement of the room in front of her that broke off the room into a living area complete with couches and centre and corner tables. Another area was a small dining table that held four chairs adjacent the replicator. There was another area of the room that was largely open space but judging by the mat, neatly folded in the corner, she concluded this was a multi-purpose space. It would appear that her roommate was using it to for some form of meditation.

There were two egresses on either side of the room, one which led to her bed chambers and the other leading to her roommates. She headed to her right, judging that this was her bedroom. The doors slid open on approach revealing a queen-sized bed, a duty workstation, closet space and the entrance into the sonic shower and washroom facilities.

“Not too shabby,” Aiko muttered, feeling her eyes getting even heavier at the sight of a comfortable bed. She started kicking off her shoes and undoing her uniform jacket. Setting her duffel bag haphazardly on the ground.

She fell onto her bed letting herself be lost in its soft embrace. She would have to wait till tomorrow to introduce herself to her roommate. For now, she would catch some much-needed sleep…


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