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Following the Bread Crumbs

Posted on Wed Sep 29th, 2021 @ 10:31pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant JG Shoniara T’ghann Dex Dr

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: USS Washington

Ayana and Dex came onto the bridge, the ship still under the red alert she had initiated nearly an hour ago. She made her way towards her normal duty station, with most of the bridge crew looking at her as she did so unceremoniously. Shran was not going to allow her to do whatever it was she was here to do without explanation.

"Lieutenant, you put the ship into an emergency state nearly an hour ago without any explanation. While I don't doubt you had a good reason for it, I would like to hear it" the Andorian said in a stern tone as he rose from his command chair and moved to intercept her and a trailing Dex.

Ayana looked at Dex and then back to Shran. "Captain, I understand we owe you an explanation, but please, it is of great importance that I get to my console and do a full internal scan of the ship."

Shran looked at Ayana and then at Dex. While he didn't know Dex well enough yet, he did know Ayana, and she'd never exaggerate when it came to her duties. He could only assume this had to do with the assignment he had given her in assisting Dex. He allowed Ayana to pass and looked to Dex, "Perhaps doctor you can give me some clue as to what is going on here on my ship?"

She spoke quickly laying out the bare necessities of what had happened “Captain We have already discovered and captured a Breen female Ensign Boyer, she is within a security force field in her quarters with my Sehlat guarding her. Unfortunately she and her accomplice whom we have not yet caught broke into the science lab and removed two specimens of contaminated DNA and RNA. When we discovered this Lieutenant Hillis put the ship on alert.
The DNA has already been introduced into the ventilation system, it can be removed by the transporter decom but, if the RNA is added to it then we will have full blown infections within an hour or so. If this happens a great many people will die. The transporter will not eradicate the combined DNA and RNA and my vaccine is not yet ready. We need to find her accomplice before it is too late.”

"Well I was just informed that the away team has returned from the Breen vessel. Perhaps Samantha and the others can shed further light on this matter."

Ayana was working with great haste while Dex explained everything to Shran. She watched as the data came in from the internal sensors. Whoever this accomplice was, moving around the ship at current would be extremely difficult. She hoped that delay might give them the time they needed. Suddenly the computer beeped and she smiled as she snapped her fingers and exclaimed, "Gotcha!" She hit the control again and then looked to Shran and Dex, "Found the accomplice. Transported them to sickbay in the surgical bay and erected the same security force field and medical fields as we did in Boyer's quarters. Captain, I think we should attend to this other would be assassin."

Shran nodded. "Very well lieutenant. You and Dex get down there and sort this out. I'll want a report immediately."

Dex took out her medical tricorder and scanned the air. “Unable to detect any RNA on the bridge. Ayana can you scan for it through out the ship?”

Ayana hit a few commands into her console. "Done. The only source seems to be in sickbay. I'd assume it is the accomplice we have trapped there."

Sam had beamed back from the Breen vessel and headed back to sickbay to decode the information they had found in the Breen computer system. She'd already transferred a preliminary copy to Captain Shran and now looked forward to getting her teeth into the data.

She looked up as someone was transported to the main surgical bed and a forcefield activated. Whilst this wasn't unusual it also wasn't common without her knowing exactly what was going on.

"What the..." She started, rising from her desk and heading out to the surgical bed, tricorder in hand and scanning.

“Dex knew there was no time to waste, swallowed and tapped her combadge =/\= computer immediate site to site transport Doctor Dex and Lieutenant Hillis, bridge to main sickbay=/\=
They both materialized a few feet from where Commander Howard was scanning someone on a biobed surrounded by the force field.

“Commander Howard do not let the force field down, scan for Infected RNA within the field. She looked at Ayana, “do you know who it is?”

" Okkkay" Sam left the forcefield and ran the appropriate scans.

Ayana looked at the person in the forcefield and sighed. She recognized this person from her security team. "This is Ensign Jaro." Ayana looked at the Bajoran with dismay. "Please tell me this is another Breen in disguise."

Dex scanned the Ensign, she looked up. “I’m not detecting any Breen DNA in Jaro, I’m sorry but Ensign Jaro is Bajoran.

Ayana shook her head. "That makes this betrayal all the worse then." Ayana looked at Jaro, "How could you betray your uniform? How could you betray the Federation?"

Jaro looked at Ayana and the others with a look of contempt. "You say I betrayed the Federation and my uniform? You know nothing of betrayal! The Federation, StarFleet, it knows all about betrayal. Bajor, your great prize that you admitted after the Dominion War, saved after the Cardassian occupation, has been betrayed. The Federation acts like it cares about its members, but Bajor doesn't get the care or attention it requires. We aren't treated with the same respect as humans, Vulcans, Andorians, Tellerites, Betazoids, or any of the other members of the Federation. You treat Klingons and Cardassians better than you treat us. We should be the center of the artistic world in the Quadrant with dozens of other specialties, but even now, nearly a decade after the war ended, we are virtually no better off than we were when the Cardassians occupied our world. The Breen, they understand our frustration. They have no love of the Klingons, the Romulans, or the Federation, and so they looked for a way to get back at all of them, the Federation most of all. I'm only too happy to have helped them."

Ayana looked at Dex and Samantha, unsure what to say, or if to say anything at all.

“Where is the RNA container Jaro? We have your accomplice” Dex asked in a stony voice. “Why kill, when does the killing end?”

"It ends when the Federation is in ruins. You will know death and suffering the way the Bajoran people knew it. I won't divulge anything to you" Jaro replied with disdain.

Sam looked on in confusion - why would a Bajoran have a Breen virus? She waited to see what Dex said next.

Ayana looked at the two doctors. "Sensors detected the RNA signature here. My guess is Jaro has it on her person, unless..."she looked to Dex concerned.

“Okay, we need to think this through. If we drop the field then she could release it, option is if we can incapacitate her within the force field, but, what If she has released it and it is contained within the field. Could we ventilate it away. We need options and I’m a doctor not an engineer?.”

Ayana smiled. "Computer, fill the field with anesthizine gas, 1 part per million." The computer acknowledged and transported in the necessary gas, Jaro dropping to the floor unconscious. "Computer, reduce fields to only surround Jaro and transport all particles inside original field area into space outside the ship, 10 meters port side." Again the computer acknowledged and performed the requested task. Ayana looked at the two doctors, "I've always wanted the chance to do something like that." She smiled in a giddy way, "Now, I believe you can scan Jaro doctor and determine what if anything we need to do next before I take her and Boyer to the brig."

Sam conducted the scan and turned the tricorder around for everyone to see. "I'm detecting no further traces of the RNA virus, unless Dr Dex has any further reason to keep Jaro here, I'm releasing her into your custody."

The only thing I would like to do is have blood samples from both of them, but of course they would have to give permission and I do not think they will. Next all crew will have to go through decon via the transporter. It will take me a couple of days but if I can get those samples I am sure I can design an inoculation so we will never have to go through this again. Thank you Ayana, for your help with all this and I hope that other matter we discussed can be brought to..” she looked at her fellow sleuth…”a swift conclusion.” Dex looked at Sam. “Now I need to report that I am currently unfit for duty. I need to discuss the reason with you in private.

Ayana took a deep breath and then let it out. She was happy to know the RNA virus was no longer detectable. "Computer, transport Jaro and Boyer to the brig and activate security fields." The computer acknowledged the command and she watched as Jaro dematerialized. She hit her comm badge, =^=Hillis to Vill. Confirm you have two prisoners in the brig.=^=

=^= This is Vill. Confirmed, two just transported in. Everything is status quo.=^=

Ayana turned and looked at the two doctors, "So happy at this this part is over. I'll leave the two of you to discuss medical matters." As she began to walk out she stopped next to Dex, "Let me know if you need the thing we discussed." She exited and returned to the bridge.


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