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A new beginning

Posted on Wed Oct 6th, 2021 @ 3:40am by Lieutenant Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: USS Pegasus


The window of ten forward had always been a favourite spot for Callie, she’d spend no end of off duty hours simply sitting looking out at the stars at the Galaxy class USS Pegasus glided through the universe. Now she sat looking out contemplating what her new life was going to be like.

“Penny for your thoughts” Captain Maria Temple smiled as she approached Callie.

“Captain...please take a seat.” Callie smiled warmly. “I was just...thinking how much I’m going to miss my friends here. Life in Starfleet is all about change and growth, but I’m going to miss being here.”

Maria nodded. “Well you've earned the promotion to Chief Counsellor Callie, and the Washington is in need right now. From the information I have their previous Chief Counsellor is in medical stasis, there is another Counsellor aboard, a...” She paused to think. “Lieutenant Eislyn Jortho so you’ll have another member in your department.”

Callie smiled. “I love your thoroughness Maria, You already know more about my new ship than I do!”

Maria nodded. “Well I like to know what my crew are getting themselves into before they go into it.” She grinned. “The Washington is a good ship, with a good Captain. I’m sure you’ll fit in well there. Ohh before I forget...” she handed over a box. “A little something from the senior staff.”

Callie looked surprised, taking the box she opened it to reveal a holo image taken of the senior staff at a previous party evening. “Maria this is...” She paused feeling a little overwhelmed. “This is amazing!! Thank you so much!”

Maria nodded. “My pleasure, oh and before you go there’s a goodbye party being thrown in the holodeck at 1700 hours. Give you a chance to party with the crew before we reach the Washington later tonight.”

“I’ll be there!” Callie smiled as she wiped away a few emotional tears.

“In that case I’ll see you there, enjoy your lunch.” With that Maria headed on her way.

~ Later that evening ~

The party over, and a brief meeting with USS Washington pending Callie picked up the last of her bags from her quarters. She didn’t have that many belongings as she tended to pack pretty light knowing how often Starfleet tended to move it’s officers around. Though it still amounted to a few boxes that were already waiting to be transported straight to her new ship.

=^= Lieutenant Raven please report to the transporter room =^=

Taking one last look Callie headed for the transporter room, it wasn’t long before she was stepping off the transporter PADD aboard the USS Washington.

“Welcome aboard Lieutenant” the transporter Chief smiled warmly. “Here are your security codes for your quarters ma’am, your belongings are already there waiting for you.”

“Thank you Chief” Callie smiled warmly. She was looking forward to starting a whole new chapter of her life.



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