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Expect the unexpected

Posted on Thu Nov 18th, 2021 @ 8:21am by Lieutenant Callie Raven-Grayson & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: Callie’s quarters


Callie had settled young Harry into her bed, the downside of not having a spare bed was that she hadn’t got anywhere else to put him besides the sofa, which wasn’t ideal. Leaving the bedroom door set to child monitoring settings, slightly ajar, she was about to settle onto the sofa and organise getting a spare bed when the door chime rang.

Answering it quickly Callie smiled as she saw Jon standing outside, “Hey, come on in” She motioned him inside motioning him to keep his voice down. “I have a visitor” She motioned to the bedroom. “His name is Harry, he’s 5 years old. He’s one of the children the Captain brought back from the planet.”

Jon followed Callie to her bedroom door. and looked at the small boy asleep on her bed. "He's a cutie Callie to be sure. Any idea who is parents are? Jon asked as he saw the look on Callie's face and knew she was already taken with the boy and the potential trouble it could mean going forward.

Callie shook her head. “No, not yet. I need to access his blood test results so that I can search the Federation database, the search could take forever! He may not even be from a colony that’s on the database.” She offered a smile as they headed over to the couch to sit down. “I’m sorry I know this affects us, I’m supposed to be moving in with you soon. It’s just...he was so terrified in Sickbay, I couldn’t just leave him there.”

Jon shook his head, "It doesn't affect us Callie unless we let it affect us. I know how much you want children and now you have a five year old basically dropped in your lap. i only wonder what will happen if you have to give him up."

Callie paused. “To be honest I don’t know, I’ll admit I like the way looking after Harry makes me feel, but if he has a family out there I want to get him back to them.”

"And what if he doesn't or they can't be found what then Callie? Especially after the first time he calls you Mom." Jon questioned. You going to adopt him or have us adopt him?"

Callie opened her mouth to speak, but rapidly closed it again. “I hadn’t...thought that far ahead. I saw a frightened little boy in Sickbay, my instincts took over and here we are. I wasn’t planning on getting attached to Harry, but...” she paused. “If he doesn’t have anywhere else to go then I can’t just abandon him. Federation services would find him a family but there’s no guarantees what kind of family...”

She sighed feeling very confused. After losing a baby she yearned to be a mother, but was it right under such circumstances? “I don’t know what’s right Jon!”

"Callie, I'm not attacking you nor am I criticizing your actions in taking care of Harry. It's the person you are, caring, loving and nurturing. I'm just trying to get you to think, the next step, to look ahead. If you want us to adopt him , we can." Jon paused and placed his hand gently atop hers. "Point is you aren't alone in this. I'm here to help and support you through this entire situation." Jon finished, his eye on her as he waited for her reply.

Callie’s expression lit up like a Christmas tree. “We can adopt him! You’d do that...for me?” Her smile practically shone. “If we don’t find Harry’s family, and he agrees to it, then I would very much like for us to adopt him.”

Jon smiled at her. "I love you Callie and I'll do this for us." He gently corrected as he slopped an arm around her shoulders and gave her a light squeeze. "Does that help ease your mind?" Make things a little clearer for you?"

Callie nodded. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you feel as though I was excluding you from this. I’ve gotten so used to being on my own, but I’m glad I have you back now.” She gazed into Jon’s eyes as she gently touched his cheek and leant in for a kiss.

Jon reacted accordingly. He leaned forward so his lips touched Callie's and they kissed, gently, lovingly. When the kiss broke, he spoke softly to her, " You are never alone Callie. I'm here for you and I'll listen to you and support you." He finished.

Callie nodded. “I promise I’ll always include you in decisions that affect us. Also I...” She paused. “I’m going to need more counselling sessions Jon, would there with me?”

" Excellent. Very good. " Jon replied then paused as he thought on Callie's question. After a moment he answered, "Of course I will Callie. Are you sure you want me there?" Jon asked. He didn't want Callie feeling that she was somehow obligated to him for what he said about Harry.

Callie nodded. “I need the moral support, and at least that way you can understand what happened to me. Just the thought of learning scares the hell out of me Jon!!”

"I'm sure you are scared Callie and if me being there with you helps you, I'm all for it." He looked at her her, "I cannot imagine what you are going through Callie, This was a rape of your mind, your very essence and I'll do whatever I can to help you." Jon repeated.

“Thank you Imzadi” Callie smiled the warmest smile yet as she used the Betazoid term for her beloved. “I’ve missed you! Very, very much!”

"You are most welcome Callie." Jon answered with a brilliant smile of his own. "I'm glad you are here Callie, very glad." He whispered as he kissed her again.

Returning his kiss, Callie smiled as their lips parted. “So does your quarters have a spare room? If not we might end up needing to move into family quarters.”

"I have the extra room." Jon answered because my quarters were originally family quarters. So, I use the extra space as an office, or a study."

“Good job I guess!” Callie grinned. “I’m almost packed, you said to give you time to organise before I moved in unless you’re already ready?” She gave him a curious look.

Jon chuckled. "When I first came aboard, I didn't like my quarters too small, so I requested family quarters, cause I like the extra room they have and I like to just relax all over the place."

“So you’re about to have me move in?” Callie grinned. “You sure it’s not going to cramp your style?”

"Sure. Anytime your ready." Jon answered. " You won't cramp my style but if you do, I can just lock you in your room." Jon laughed.

Callie giggled quietly not wanting to wake Harry. “So how does tomorrow sound? If Harry wakes up early then we could move my handful of boxes over tonight, and complete my move tomorrow.”

"Works for me." Jon replied, "One question though, how do you think Harry is going to react to this move? I don't want to traumatize him any more than he is."

“That’s a good question, I’m hoping he’ll be okay with it but I guess we won’t know that until he wakes up. I’m still just a stranger to him, he seems to trust me though.”

"I'm hoping that you are right and he is okay with it as well." Jon remarked. "It makes everything so much simpler and I'm all for simple."

“Me too lately” Callie nodded. “It looks like there’ll be three of us in the bedroom tonight, I’ve requested a put up bed from the cargo bay for Harry.”

"Sounds like a plan to me." Jon replied, "Lets hope Harry agrees with us." He nodded, "Good idea with the bed Callie. Very good indeed.”

“Well I couldn’t kick you out of the bed tonight!” Callie grinned. A few moments later there was a cry from the bedroom. “Looks like Harry is awake, I’ll be right back.”

"No, you couldn't and you better not." Jon replied in a playful manner. hearing the cry or whimper, Jon nodded. "Go and see to Harry, I'll be right here.."

Heading into the bedroom Callie gently approached the bed to comfort Harry. “Hey Sweetheart , it’s okay...I’m here.” She gently lifted him up and carried him through to the living room with her. “This is Commander Jonathon Greyson, he’s the XO of this ship, and he’s also my husband.”

Jon got on knees to talk to Harry, "Hiya Harry, you hear what Callie called me? Commander Jonathan Grayson. That's a lot to say, so you can just call me Jon. How does that sound to you? That okay with you?"

The small boy clung to Callie as he looked at the man in front of him, he was still clinging to the cuddly toy Callie had given him in Sickbay. He looked at Callie who nodded it was okay, before he slowly held out his cuddly crocodile to Jon to see what he would do.

"That's quite the crocodile you have Harry. Is it's name Charlie the crocodile?' Jon asked as he continued to talk to the boy. "You know you have to be very brave and very special to have a crocodile for a friend." Jon told the small boy.

“You love Crocodiles don’t you Harry?” Callie smiled as Harry started to warm to Jon, the Crocodile discussion was really starting to open a relationship between them.

Jon smiled at Harry, "Did you know crocodiles love milkshakes , especially vanilla and chocolate. Do you like milkshakes Harry?" Jon asked the child.

Harry looked at Callie, then back at John, then nodded. “I like..Strawberry.”

"Well Harry, I am the best milkshake maker in the galaxy and if Callie says it's okay, I can make you a milkshake that will knock your socks off. Might even make one for Callie. How does that sound to you?"

Harry looked to Callie, “Please!!”

Callie grinned “Of course! I’ll have a Strawberry too please!” She grinned as she looked at Jon. She loved watching him with the 5 year old. “Let’s snuggle up on the soft blanket on the sofa while Jon gets us our milkshakes!”

"Two Strawberry milkshakes coming up!" Jon answered as he stood and went into the kitchen. Leaving Callie and Harry on the sofa. After a few minutes they could hear Jon singing.

"Who can take a milkshake, sprinkle it with dew
Cover it with choc'late and vanilla add a miracle or two
The Milkshake Man, oh the Milkshake Man can
The Milkshake Man can 'cause he mixes it with love and makes the shakes taste good.

Oh, who can take tomorrow, dip it in a dream
Separate the sorrow and collect up all the cream
The Milkshake Man, oh the Milkshake Man can
The Milkshake Man can 'cause he mixes it with love and makes the shakes taste good

The Milkshake Man takes every milkshake he makes satisfying and delicious

The Milkshake Man, Oh, The Milkshake man can!"

There was considerable clattering of glasses and whatever Jon was using.

Harry looked at Callie bemused by the singing and clattering going on.

Callie grinned. “Just you wait Harry, Jon makes some delicious milkshakes!”

After a few more minutes Jon appeared with two tall glasses full of Strawberry milkshakes, each topped with a cherry and a straw to one side. "Here you go Callie and Harry, Two Jon original milkshakes. See what you think."

Callie took hers and started sipping, the milkshake was just the right consistency to flow through the straw with ease. It tasted divine! “Mmmm...that is delicious!!”

She looked at young Harry who was drinking his so fast she thought he might choke. “’s okay. Slow one is going to take it away from you Harry.” She looked at Jon a concerned expression on her face.

"Hey, slow down there Harry. You'll get a brain freeze." Jon told the boy catching Callie's concerned look. "Harry, were you fed, where you were at?" Jon asked nonchalantly.

The little lad slowed down his rapid slurping gently shaking his head. His small hands were clinging to the glass tightly.

Callie offered a gentle smile. “Ohh Sweetheart...well you’ll get all the food you need here. No one will take it from you, that we promise you!”

"Harry." Jon said gently. "I want you to listen to what I have to say. Callie and I promise you that you will never be hungry again. As Callie said, you can have and eat all the food you want. I bet you'd like a hot dog too wouldn't you?"

Harry looked at Jon curiously, then looked up at Callie. “”

“You’ve never had a hot dog!” Callie smiled. “It’s just a long sausage in a bread roll. Would you like to try one?”

There was a pause before the young lad nodded excitedly. “Make that two please Jon.” Callie grinned. She was enjoying the feel of family life no end.

"Will do. In fact, I think I'll have one as well. I'll even fix a couple extra just in case Harry here, likes them and wants another." Jon replied tousling the boys hair as he turned to go back into the kitchen. Like Callie he was enjoying the feeling of family.


OOC: Jon's milkshake song is song to the tune of The Candy Man.


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