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The Grayson Snare

Posted on Sat Nov 20th, 2021 @ 9:17pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Aiko Kato

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: USS Washington

Shran came onto the bridge from his ready room and saw Jon in the center command chair. He made his way over and smiled, "Ready to launch your snare commander?"

Jon didn't smile or grin, his face serious. This was a deadly game they were about ti become involved in. "Yes sir, I'm ready." he answered crisply.

"Lt. Kato, are we ready to get underway?"

"Yes sir," Aiko replied her voice coarse and barely audible before she cleared her throat. "Yes sir," she repeated. "All stations, including navigations report ready Captain."

"Excellent. Jon, take the lead and provide a course."

"Helm take us away from Casperia Prime at warp four. Once we're clear of any possible sensor scan, set a course for the Cerberus medical facility at warp eight. Engage." Jon announced.

"Aye Commander," Aiko replied. Her hands flying swiftly through the console as she plotted in the new course. In space, the ship made a swift round about on a new heading and the bluish hue of the warp engines shined with intensity that ended in a brilliant flash as the Washington jumped to warp.

Shran took a seat in his command station as the ship jumped to warp. "Everything is ready Jon?" he asked, knowing the answer.

Jon rose from the center seat so Shran could once be in command. "Everything is ready sir. Just waiting to drop the hammer." He replied.

"Approaching maximum sensor range of all known vessels and installations Captain," Aiko announced. "Dropping out of warp."

The ship dropped out of warp a significant distance away from its last known location before it once again jumped into warp except, this time it was with a new heading. "New course heading is for the Cerberus medical facility at warp eight. Estimated time of arrival is seven hours and thirty-three minutes."

"This is quite the gambit, Jon. I think though it is a worthwhile one. Where will Poseidon and Lafayette be coming from?"

"I agree sir but I feel it's worth it especially if we can stop them carrying out their plan on Cerberus." Jon answered and then addressed the Captain's question. "The Poseidon will come in from behind Cerberus, The Lafayette from the east and us in front of Cerberus. We'll catch the Breen between us as they can't escape to the west due to the Bronstein asteroid field. It a natural defense for Cerebos."

Shran looked very satisfied with the tactical plan Jon had laid out. "This snare of yours should with a bit of luck end the Breen incursion. I'm sure we'll need to be more attentive moving forward though."

"I hope so sir. Hopefully it will rein them in as well and show them we're watching them closely." Jon answered.

Shran nodded. "Hopefully Command understands the need to be more watchful of the Breen after this. The Romulans have a saying, 'never turn your back on a Breen.' This is something we must take seriously moving forward." Shran looked at the tactical readout console. "Aiko, increase speed to warp 9."

"A good saying to be sure but Command always reacts to a problem instead of acting and stopping an action before it becomes a problem." Jon observed.

"Increasing to warp factor nine," Aiko replied. Imperceptibly, the ship's speed increased even more as it raced towards their destination. "ETA to Cerberus is just under three hours sirs."

While she did not know the details of the plan, Aiko gathered that it was to further stop the Breen incursion, which she was all for. It was quite startling the brazenness of Breen and in Federation space no less.

Nearly 3 hours later

The Washington was at red alert, shields up and weapons hot as it raced towards Cerberus. Jon had been right with his tactical analysis and while Caperia was safe, Cerberus was now threatened. The snare was ready, and all three Federation ships converged to deal with the six Breen vessels that were now in Federation space.

"Approaching the Cerebrus facility Captain," Aiko stated from her station just as the Washington dropped out of warp, the first Starfleet ship to arrive. On her navigational sensors she spotted the six Been vessels in attack formation.

For the umpteenth time she wondered what the Breen were after and what they hoped to gain with this blatant violation of the treaty signed in the aftermath of the Dominion War.

She was curious to see that the ships made no attempt to flee. Surely, they must have seen on their long range sensors that three highly combat-rated Starfleet vessels were heading their way. However, the Breen vessels remained in the system. Perhaps they felt sure of their victory, Aiko mused. Or perhaps their mission here was so important that they were willing to sacrifice themselves.

Either way, Aiko was looking forward to re-educating the Breen about Starfleet's prowess in space combat and leaving no doubt about the vast superiority of the Sovereign-class starship over most typical Starfleet ship.

Jon studied the six Breen ships, their shields were up and their weapon systems were active. "Tell those ships to stand down. They can't escape or win this fight." He told the tactical officer.

Ayana nodded and sent the message. Shran looked at Jon, "And so it begins. Once more unto the breach commander."

Jon spoke again to the tactical officer. "If they fire. Target the tail Breen ship, that's the command vessel. Breen commanders like the view of a battle in front of them. So they can see the disposition of all ships." Jon offered.

Shran gave a slight smile. It filled him with a sense of pride seeing his XO display such tactical prowess. "Ayana, when you fire, use the quantum torpedoes and destroy the ship. Leave no doubt. And, have a full phaser barrage one stand by. Once we attack, the Breen will be ruthless. We can expect the Breen to gang attack us as well our the top of the tactical food chain in this fight."

"Ayana, please send a message to the Poseidon and Lafayette, let them know we have engaged the Breen." Jon added as he glanced at Shran, "Lets do this. Let them know they cannot come in here and not expect severe repercussions."

"Aye sir" replied Ayana.

Aiko confirmed the attack pattern she was pursuing as it was important for helm and tactical to be well coordinated in space combat. Aiko was new to the ship but she found that she was beginning to pick up on Ayana's style as well as the Captain's.

Their approach was a fairly standard one for now, engaging the Breen ship head on with the forward shield slightly reinforced which gave a wide forward firing arc towards all six Breen ships.

The Breen fired first, which was of no surprise to Aiko. Multiple energy beams lashed out violently against the Washington but they were all mostly absorbed with little fuss.

Aiko kept her poise, making only minor course correction via the maneuvering thrusters to allow Ayana to retain optimal firing solutions on most of the Breen ships, but especially the one identified to be lead.

The Washington rocked from a few disruptor hits but managed to avoid any real damage from the initial Breen volley. Shran was in typical Andorian soldier form, looking like some sort of blue devil ready to unleash hell. And then he gave the order, "Fire."

Quantum torpedoes streaked from the Washington with a blue hue and made way towards their intended target. The torpedoes were well aimed, and they connected with the Breen ship in quick succession, and everyone on the bridge was able to watch as the Breen ship exploded brilliantly into several pieces, completely destroyed and causing quite the problem for the rest of the Breen vessels.

"Take us down the gauntlet Aiko" ordered Shran. "Ayana, phasers, fire at will, all targets, all vectors. Ready aft torpedoes for when we come out the other side. And let's have Poseidon and Lafayette join in on this and close the snare with authority."

Jon kept his eyes on damage reports as they cam to the bridge. "Minor damage along decks five through eight. Damage control teams are already working to repair damage. Also slight power loss on our lateral shield." He quickly followed it up with a call to engineering. "Engineering boost power to our lateral shields."

Shran noted Jon diverting the power to reinforce the shields as needed. Damage control teams were working quickly to fix the issues before they grew into something larger. "Brace yourself everyone" Shran said as they made their way directly between the remaining Breen vessels, Ayana awaiting the order to fire the phasers.

Aiko grinned, "Yes sir."

She was equally excited and intrigued by the Captain's audacious order to take the ship right into the middle of the Breen ships. She wondered if such a nuanced action was lost on the Breen, but diving right into the middle of the Breen ship intentionally was a powerful subtext that demonstrated a lack of fear and perhaps more importantly, the confidence that the Starfleet vessel had in the outcome of the battle.

Aiko powered the ship's engines, firing the thrusters and propelling the ship straight into the middle of the remaining Breen ships unbothered by their frantic fire. She relished at the thought that they were frantically trying to regroup following the unceremonious and sudden destruction of their command ship.

"Poseidon and Lafayette entering firing range" said Celes.

"Good Deanna." Jon replied even as the Washington rocked from Breen disrupter hits. "Tell them to take their pick of Breen targets."

Aiko noticed the two other Starfleet ships on her sensors closing in on the Breen ships. If the Breen had somehow hoped they could come out on top, it was now nothing but a pipe dream. The entry of the two Starfleet ships in the engagement made this battle a foregone conclusion.

The Washington pushed into the gauntlet that was the Breen vessels, moving down the middle of them and its phasers firing in all directions, hitting every Breen ship as it blazed a path like some wild barbarian on a frenzied path that broke the Breen lines. The Washington was taking hits in return, but the ship was far more prepared for this battle than what the Breen had to offer. As the Poseidon and Lafayette entered firing range they each launched torpedo volleys, making contact with multiple Breen targets and destroying one each. As the Washington exited the gauntlet torpedoes launched from the aft and destroyed another Breen vessel.

The two remaining Breen vessels attempted to escape as they were now completely outmatched, but it was too late for them. The Poseidon raced in and hit one with a full phaser and torpedo volley, annihilating the vessel. The other Breen vessel was making a run for it, but it couldn't outrace the Lafayette, who fired a full spread of torpedoes and shattered the Breen vessel into several pieces.

"Stand down red alert" Shran said as he watched the last Breen vessel explode. "Damage report."

"Hull breach deck 5 section 22, emergency force fields in place and holding, damage control en route. Lateral sensor array has taken damage and damage control is already working on it. Engineering reports a coolant leak but they have it under control. Impulse engines are at the ready, engineering reports they need 10 minutes to regain warp drive." Celes simple statement of the battle damage was meticulous as always.

"Sickbay reports a dozen minor injuries, one serious injury, no fatalities. Shields will be back to full within 20 minutes if needed, all weapons in full working order" reported Ayana.

Shran looked over to Jon, "We won. Your plan was excellent. And I do love it when a plan comes together. Send my compliments to the Poseidon and Lafayette."

"Thank you sir." Jon replied gratefully. "I'm glad we didn't suffer any losses. Your tactic of taking the Washington down the gauntlet was inspired and took the Breen completely by surprise." Jon looked to Aiko. "Your piloting was masterful Lieutenant. well done," He returned his attention to Shran, "Hopefully this will give the Breen a reason to pause and rethink their plans about entering Federation space. As for sending your compliments, I'll get right on it sir." Jon finished with a smile.

Aiko nodded and smile at the XO for the compliment. In truth, neutralizing the Breen threat successfully was more than enough compliment for her. There was something very cathartic about dealing your former captors and torturous a decisive blow.

She turned her attention to her station running a level three diagnostics on the navigational sensors and systems now that there was a lull in the battle.

"Steady as she goes Aiko. A smooth ride to let engineering fix the bumps and bruises" Shran said with a smile. He was happy. They had done what needed to be done. It was up to Command now to keep their eye on the ball. They had beaten the Breen this time, but Shran was certain they'd be back. He knew his enemy well. But he wasn't worried, because he and his crew would be here to chase off the barbarians from the gates should they try to storm the keep.


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