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Good News

Posted on Thu Nov 25th, 2021 @ 10:20am by Lieutenant JG Eislyn Jortho & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: USS Washington

Callie had just finished her discussion with Dex when she hit her comm badge, =^= Jortho to Cmdr Grayson. Commander, if you could spare a moment, I'd like to speak with you in my office. I have news of a personal nature for you. I'm requesting Callie as well.=^=

Jon was in the Washington armory going over the records concerning the number of phasers and phaser rifles the Washington had on hand according the computer and doing a hand inventory to make sure it matched with the computer when Eislyn's call came through, "I'll be there inside of ten minutes Counselor." He replied.

=^=See you shortly Commander.=^= Eislyn looked at the information regarding the child once more and then hit her comm badge once more, =^=Jortho to Counselor Callie. I'd like for you to come down to my office immediately. I have news of a personal nature to provide you.=^=

Hearing Jortho’s voice Callie wondered what the information was. =^= I’m on my way Lieutenant. =^= Heading for Jortho’s office it didn’t take long for Callie to arrive. She pressed the chime and waited for Jortho to answer.

Eislyn called for the door to open and she saw Callie. "Please come in" she said. Commander Grayson should be joining us shortly. Can I offer you anything, a beverage perhaps?"

Jon arrived a few minutes later, Pressing his finger to the chime even as he thought on the reason the counselor wanted to see Callie and himself.

"Please come in Commander."

Callie smiled as she looked towards Jon motioning for him to sit with her.

"Well. now that you are both here, I wanted to give you some information in person regarding the child you call Harry. His name is, at least according to Federation files, Henry Archibald Stivac. He was born on Luna, New Berlin it so happens, to a Michael and Gloria Stivac, and travelled with them to New Krakow a year ago. Both parents were murdered and the child was presumed dead 3 months ago. His only relatives were his maternal grandparents who were living in New York but recently passed away. So it would seem the child is officially an orphan, clearing the way for you both to adopt the child if that is still your intention."

Jon's hand reached for Callie's at hearing the news concerning Harry. "We certainly do!" He said excitedly, "Right Callie? We want to adopt Harry."

Callie nodded enthusiastically. “We most certainly do! May we have a copy of that information, I’d like to be able to show Harry what we’ve discovered about his real parents.”

"Um Callie, I don't know if telling Harry about his parents and that they are dead is a good idea at this time. Not with all he has just been through." Jon pointed out.

“I agree” Callie nodded. “But maybe at a later point in time when he’s more settled.” She smiled at Jon. “I am a Counselor Jon, I know what I’m doing.”

Jon stiffened at Callie's slight rebuke. He nodded his head curtly and replied "Fine." Not wishing to cause a scene of get into an argument with Callie in front of Eislyn.

Callie suddenly realised she’d ‘put her foot in it’ with Jon. She offered an apologetic glance. “Sorry, I didn’t mean that to sound how it did.”

Jon again offered a simple "Okay." as he turned to see if Eislyn had anything else she wanted or needed to say.

"I have a copy of this information, along with some basic biographic information regarding the child and his family. He comes from a good family. His grandfather who recently passed away served on the Excelsior under Capt. Sulu as an chief petty officer and then went on to work later at the construction facilities in New York. The boys parents were teachers. I'm sure you will be excellent with the child. Just remember to get yourselves and the child checked out by Dr. Howard as soon as possible for the necessary work ups for the adoption materials. If you need anything else, I am happy to help."

Callie nodded. “I’ll make sure we get on as soon as possible.”

"One other thing before you go. I figured I should bring this to your attention as it could potentially impact the both of you." Eislyn hesitated for a moment, unsure how exactly to best bring forth the information. "Regarding you incident Callie...while I was searching for the various parents and guardians of these children, I found something, shall we say, interesting. It seems all of these children have a link of some sort to the New Krakow colony. I discussed this some with Dex. It seems that the colony over the last year has had an unexplained large scale increase in missing persons and felonies, most notably murders. Even more puzzling is the fact that these have remained largely unsolved. The truly troubling aspect is that this is a Federation colony, so these sorts of things shouldn't be happening, and certainly shouldn't be open this long. I was going to present this information to the captain to see if he believed it warranted our attention."

Callie frowned as she looked at Jortho. “There’s a link to what happened to me?” A cold chill ran down her spine as she looked towards Jon, her hand gripped his a lot tighter. “The man who hurt me...was never identified, or found. I couldn’t remember any details about him.”

Jon squeezed Callie's hand. His annoyance with melting away like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day. "Easy Callie, breathe." He said softly. "You are safe. No one is going to hurt you or come after you."

Callie took a deep breath. “Sorry. Just the thought...” She looked at Eislyn. “I think you should bring this to the Captain’s attention. He needs to know what’s going on.”

"Perhaps we should bring this information together. Not sure it is my place to talk about certain aspects out of turn."

"I think that is an excellent idea Counselor." Jon answered as he gave Callie's hand another gentle squeeze just to reinforce that he was here for her.

Callie nodded in agreement. “Perhaps we should call him now? See if he’s available to speak to us?”

"Absolutely" Eislyn replied as she gave a confident nod. Having the XO agree that her hunch was worth looking into deeper was all she needed to hear to want to speak to the captain about this. Callie being prepared to discuss her problem with the captain only reinforced her resolve in this matter. She hit her comm badge, =^=Jortho to Shran. Captain, might you have a moment to look over something of a personal nature in my office. Lt Callie and I both think it is worth your time, as does Cmdr Grayson. =^=


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