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Family Ties

Posted on Thu Nov 25th, 2021 @ 10:15am by Lieutenant JG Eislyn Jortho & Lieutenant JG Shoniara T’ghann Dex Dr

Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: USS Washington

Eislyn Jortho sat in her office working on her computer and awaiting Dex whom she had summoned. She had been given the task of trying to locate the families of the children that had been found imprisoned by the Breen and she had information regarding some of this.

“Good morning Counselor.”

"Hello doctor. I hope you are well and that I didn't pull you from anything important. I have an update regarding my work locating family of these children. I have found the family of the Denobulan girl Trevix. Her father lives with her extended family unit on Izar. We can return her to them in a few days time, assuming you have cleared her medically by that time. The Caitian has family on her homeworld and they would appreciate the return of her body for personal funeral rites."

“Thank you for the information, I am glad you have found the families. Trevix is medically cleared and the body of the Caitian child is ready to return to their home world. I am glad returning the body of the child will help give closure to the family.”

"I wanted to discuss the other children with you as well, get your input. Can you spare a few minutes?"

“Yes, of course I can. I have been in touch with the Vulcan Council for access to the Vulcan DNA database unfortunately they do not have her DNA on record. She is unable to tell me anything and, currently I am unable to ascertain any other information by other means. I have not slept nor been able to meditate since returning from the planet. Harry I believe is staying with Callie, I think she has fallen in love with him and, I worry for her if and when we find his parents."

"I believe you are referring to the human child. His name is, at least according to Federation files, Henry Archibald Stivac. He was born on Luna, New Berlin it so happens, to a Michael and Gloria Stivac, and travelled with them to to New Krakow a year ago. Both parents were murdered and the child was presumed dead 3 months ago. His only relatives were his maternal grandparents who were living in New York but recently passed away. I was going to send this information to Cmdr Grayson and Callie after speaking with you, unless you wish to inform them yourself." Eislyn waited for Dex's response.

“No that is fine you can inform them if you will. They will be very happy. I know Callie wants a child although unfortunately she has had some trouble with an unwanted meld which I discovered recently when I initiated a mind meld with her recently. I know she has spoken to you regarding it but I am worried that if a child is introduced into the mix he may become a catalyst for increased possibly violent memories. He does seem to want to be with them though.

"Very good." Eislyn smiled. "As for the Andorian child, I just got information on her as well just before i contacted you. As you might imagine, the Andorian authorities would very much like the child returned. They are quite private in the matter of family, but considering my request they searched the database themselves and found a match. One Lissan dh'Tarrekallsi, daughter of Tholos and Talla, both of whom work for the Andorian government it would seem. Lissan was apparently abducted while they were on an ambassadorial mission to, huh, that is strange, they were on New Krakow when the child was taken, 3 months ago. Doctor take a look at this. This is very strange."

“It is strange New Krakow has come up twice now. To be honest Counselor I have been looking after the Andorian child and have found it increasingly difficult to work with her due to her empathic senses. I have not slept or meditated since returning from the planet so to return her home would be most satisfactory. What would you like me to take a look at?”

"Perhaps the captain would be able to look after the child until we are able to return the child to the Andorian authorities. They have said they will send an envoy immediately, though I suspect that it will be the parents. As for Callie, I would say that the child may become a catalyst, but overall I think that is a good thing. It will help her bring forth the memories which may in turn garner us more information to work with to find her assailant." She looked at the computer, "I'd very much like for you to look at this information regarding the New Krakow cases. Very strange."

Dex moved round so she could see the monitor, “what am I looking at Counselor?”

"Look here" Eislyn said. "Besides both of these children being tied to New Krakow, the colony has dozens of missing person and violent felonies reported over the last year. This might be expected on an independent colony, but not on a Federation one. Local authorities have been unable to solve any of these murders, and we solved the first missing person reports in a year. Don't you find that odd?"

“Yes, that is odd although New Krakow is known for its criminal activity underlying some parts of society.”

"Perhaps" replied Eislyn. "I think this may be worth a closer inspection though. I'll see what Cmdr. Grayson thinks about it." Eislyn got up, "Thank you for coming by doctor. I hope we can get all of these children sorted out quickly."


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