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‘Ozhika -- palik t'kau, ri shaht.’

Posted on Wed Nov 24th, 2021 @ 5:30pm by Lieutenant JG Shoniara T’ghann Dex Dr
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Mission: Breen in Paradise
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Breen In Paradise

‘Logic is the object of reasoning.’

The white room was pleasant, that was the only word she could think of for it. It had no windows but that was logical it was her mind and there were currently no windows in that. She knew there should be openings overlooking an azure ocean with white sands and green forests rising from granite cliffs overlooking the water. The sun should have been bright illuminating all but the very corners of the room. But that part of her was Risa the part that felt emotion and that had to be hidden.

The white room was quiet, the only sounds were the beating of her Vulcan heart and the rhythmical sighs of her breathing. She could count the beats and time them with her breaths, simple concentration, simple mathematics. No distractions, no emotion. The room was hers alone, a retreat, a barrier between what she needed and what was.

The white room with its windows fuelled the fires of illogic. The source of pain, torture and the evil visited on others. There was no logic in suffering, no logic in the screams of the helpless and no logic in continuing so she simply just stopped listening.

The white room was where she could survive, where she could live a life of quiet and contemplation of nothing. Where she could unravel her brain, take it apart cell by cell, neurone by neurone and strip each fibre of all its emotions. Forget all life and bring herself back to the womb like peace of pure logic.

The white room was her home now, it would shrink in time as all creation did but, by the time it became nothing then so would she, her mind simply blinking out, one minute there and the next never having been. There would be no one there to find her. No one knew where she was.

There were no doors and no windows in her white room it was only logical she should be there.


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