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The Morning After the Night Before

Posted on Sun Dec 19th, 2021 @ 8:52pm by Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: Sinister Intentions
Location: T'hgrek's Quarters
Timeline: Before the away mission

Dr Sam Howard woke up slowly, no alarm, no gradual brightening of the lights to simulate morning and thus awaken her mind, no medical emergency sending her racing out the door whilst still shrugging on her uniform. It was odd. What was equally as odd was the fact she was naked and felt the heavy weight of an arm draped haphazardly over her hip. As her mind woke fully she recalled the events of the night before, and who the owner of the arm was. She'd shagged the Vulcan Ambassador, although it hadn't been unwilling on either side of the equation. The reality of it hit home though, she was now permanently entwined with this man and all of the complexities of his life and her work. She blushed and cringed at the thought of what Dex must have felt during their activities, the Pon Farr bond that Sam still shared with the Vulcan/Risian would have made for an interesting evening. How could she look the other woman in the eye again?

Valev felt her stir beside him, he felt a deep connection to this woman he had made love to last night. He had seen a side of her that was neither self deprecating or shy. She rose to meet him as much as he did her. He lifted his head and looked at her. “You are even more beautiful this morning than you were last night.” He caressed her face with the palm of his hand. “Any regrets Sam?” His Grey eyes studied her.

"None, only uncertainty for the future." She admitted, allowing him to touch her again. "How does this now work within your culture? I'm not overly up to date with Vulcan social norms to be honest" She admitted shyly.

He began to run his fingers down her body. “There are no Vulcan social norms for you to be bothered with, let us see where this takes us and if you want then we can discover Vulcan social mores together. He began to move down her body kissing her lightly. “Now where were we?”

Sam wriggled out of his reach before her body once again responded to his advances despite the protests of her mind. How did people function like this? " WE... are going to be late for duty if WE don't get our asses out of bed and out the door" She protested, dragging her fingertips along his forearm as she exited the bed.

“I am sorry Sam I did not know you were on duty this early. I hope I will see you later if you have time?”

"0800 hours... that gives us...Oooo let's see about an hour to have a shower, get dressed, eat, and get out the door. I hate leaving things too much to the last minute." She babbled as she vanished into his bathroom.

Valev got out of bed and walked to the bathroom entrance. “What do you want for breakfast Sam?” He asked.

" I get breakfast AND dinner?" She quipped as she flicked the shower to 'water' and amped up the steam. There was nothing quite like the experience of a hot water shower to wake one up in the morning.

He leant against the door. “You mean you want dinner again tonight, I can certainly arrange that…so breakfast?”

" I want it all! Didn't they teach you on Vulcan that a way to a woman's heart is through her stomach?" Sam laughed as steam wafted through the open door, her body occluded by the steam on the glass partition.

“I’ll make you what I think you would like.”

He quickly provided toast, butter, scrambled eggs, some fruit, orange juice and some thin slices of the steak she did not have last night. Finally the snowy white cloth with silverware and a pot of English tea

He walked back to the bathroom where she was toweling off. For a moment he thought she did not see him admiring her body then he tore himself away. “Breakfast is ready” he called.

"Holy geez you're quick" She retorted as she sauntered out of the bathroom dressed only in a white towel and headed to the replicator for a fresh uniform. Inputting her credentials a moment later the blue medical uniform appeared, complete with the three pips and communicator.

At that moment Valev wanted nothing more than to remove the towel and take her in his arms but, of course he could not. She had a job to do, a very important one at that. It seemed that he was the one on leave right now. He pulled the chair out ready for her to eat.

Fully dressed barring her boots Sam returned to the dining area and sat gently in the chair offered. It felt like a whirlwind romance and she wondered how anyone could think clearly whilst in the midst of it. Her mind was a clutter of emotion, need, desire and all the other things that went with it. " Thank you, it looks delightful" She finally said, loading a plate full of the offerings and pouring herself a cup of tea.

He sat and poured himself a cup of tea, it looked like she was eating much more than she had done last night but then she had expanded a lot more energy since then. “Sam, tell me if I am rushing you but I would like to see you later if you would like?”

" I would like that very much indeed" She replied through a mouthful of food followed by a rapid sip of tea. " I should get off shift around 1600 hours if there are no major medical emergencies to deal with, dinner after?"

“Dinner after, yes I will expect you whenever you finish, and perhaps if you feel like it I could show you the moons on Vulcan if I can swing a holodeck, if you would like that?” He was surprised, she seemed so different than the shy woman she had been last night.” For the first time he wondered if he was in love with the Chief Medical Officer of the Washington.

" I'd like that, I've never been to Vulcan" She smiled as she polished off her breakfast and finished her tea. Her mind was a shambles and her heart was tugging her firmly in the direction of the man seated opposite her. How she was going to focus today was anyone's guess.



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