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Posted on Tue Dec 21st, 2021 @ 4:49am by Commander Samantha Howard & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Ayana Hillis & Lieutenant JG Eislyn Jortho

Mission: Sinister Intentions
Location: New Krakow

Leaving the government building and making their way around New Krakow was something of a relief to Eislyn. Never in her life had she been around so many governmental officials that seemed subhuman, alien even. Even the StarFleet personnel were odd, especially this T'Vell. She wanted to speak up and voice her concerns, but she felt out of place doing so, being so new to the ship and crew. It had only been a few weeks since she had come aboard, and while she had done quite a bit since joining the ship, she was still just a junior officer.

Ayana looked around and saw the fairly deplorable conditions of everything in New Krakow. This looked more like a refugee camp than a Federation colony. Something very wrong had happened here, likely was still happening even, and she was determined to do her part to ending it. "Commander, do you think something very odd is going on here?"

Jon turned his head to look at Ayana, "You have a gift for understatement Ayana. Something is more than odd, something is definitely wrong." He threw his arm out and gestured at their surroundings, "This place is a dump to put it mildly I also think T'vell know more than he lets on."

"No argument from me on any of that" replied Ayana.

"Nice to know I am not alone with such thoughts" pipped Eislyn meekly.

"Good." Jon said to Ayana before he addressed Eislyn. "Don't be shy Counselor, you have something to say, say it. That way we know what everyone is thinking and get an accurate picture of what we're dealing with."

"If you insist commander" Eislyn replied. "Everything here is out of place. All reports that I have viewed regarding New Krakow indicated that it is a thriving Federation colony on the frontier that is ripe for the most eager. Everything we have seen thus far goes counter to that in reality. I've viewed slums on worlds controlled by the Orion Syndicate that were in better condition, and look at the people. Honestly, most people look terrorfied, as if living with fear is something that is commonplace. Those that don't have that look, including and most notably Lt Cmdr T'Vell, seem to thrive off misery it would seem, and while it might be out of place for me to say so, a logical train of thought would dictate he is somehow involved in the cause of the misery." Eislyn hoped her first big speech to a senior officer wasn't completely out of line.

Sam flipped open her tricorder and carefully went over the readings that she had taken earlier. "Whilst I can't find anything alarming, the readings I took were a little off, as though there was a subtle biochemical imbalance. I would need to take more detailed readings to gain a better idea"

"Counselor, I believe you have hit the bullseye all across the board. The people are terrified. There is a very obvious distinction between the haves and the have nots. In addition I'm sure T'vall knows what is going on here. In which case we need to stay on our toes and together." Jon replied waiting to see if Sam or Ayana had more to add.

"I'm of the mind that we should report the situation to the captain. Too much wrong here to leave the captain in the dark" said Ayana, adding her two cents to the conversation.

"Could not agree more Ayana." Jon replied, "You want to inform him or you want me to?" Jon teased the younger officer.

"You are the senior officer, but if you are offering for me to do it, I don't mind. It would be a welcome momentary respite from the dismal conditions here." Ayana hit her comm badge and after a moment began giving her report to the captain.

Eislyn moved closer to Jon and Samantha, "I believe we are being watched, possibly followed" she said as she glanced towards an alley that had dim lights that cast the faintest of shadows and silhouettes. "Perhaps we upset someone?"

Jon didn't follow Eislyn's gaze as that would have alerted their shadow. "Well if we didn't upset we definitely got someone's attention which means we're doing something in regards to the questions we asked. It also means stay extra sharp."

Sam was glad she wasn't the CO in situations such as this - it was a delicate political negotiation almost. They needed answers, but there were certain hoops they would need to jump through, or go around as it seemed in this case in order to achieve said answers.

"Alright, everyone stay sharp and lets see if our shadow continues to follow us." Jon announced.

Ayana walked over to Jon, "The captain wants to meet with this T'Vell. They boarded a Nausicaan cargo ship and have located a hold full of women bound for parts unknown for slavery or worse. Based on what has happened thus far, he wants a sit down and debrief." Ayana took a moment before saying anything more. "Also, apparently Callie is back in sickbay. She collapsed."

Jon nodded, "Understood, we can get him after we finish our look around." He stopped and looked at Ayana as she told him about Callie. " Collapsed? Is she alright? Have you got any further details Ayana?" Jon fired off questions at her.

Ayana didn't want to alarm Jon but understood the sudden concern. "The captain said she was helping out in sickbay with the patients as they needed a counselor to deal with certain things and she collapsed. The captain didn't offer any additional information. I'd say she is at least stable or else the captain would have mentioned it."

Eislyn hadn't meant to eavesdrop, but the information provided concerned her. Callie was her direct superior, but she was also her patient, and was becoming a friend. "Commander, Callie shouldn't have been in sickbay. I'd had restricted her duty before we beamed down."

Before anymore could be said a disruptor blast came in from the alley and struck Eislyn in the shoulder, knocking her back and to the ground. Ayana turned to the alley, phaser drawn and assessed the situation. The tail had become aggressive, that much was certain. She fired at the silhouette, being careful to avoid the running panicked public that were now seeking shelter. She hit the silhouette and watched it fall to the ground, only for two more disruptor blasts to come in the direction of the team. She dodged the first, the other narrowly missed Samantha. It appeared the tail had hidden friends.

Jon's phaser was up and out in one fluid motion, a literal blink of an eye. He didn't have time to think on Callie. His immediate goal was the safety of the away team. "Ayana, concentrate your fire on the ally way. Sam, I'll cover you. You grab Eislyn." Jon snapped the orders out, his phaser firing in the direction of the shots.

Sam ducked for cover and came up during when she had gained her bearings, only to see Eislyn take a hit to the shoulder with an energy discharge. Glancing around she kept low and darted forward, grabbing the woman under the arms and dragging her back towards safety...treatment would have to wait first they needed not to get shot. Once Eislyn was safely sequestered behind the team Sam came up with her phaser again, trying to get a fix on their attacker.

Ayana fired several shots into the alley. She hated fighting blind, but that was the situation. Her instinct was to push forward, but her duty was to hold her position and protect the rest of the away team.

Meanwhile Eislyn moaned in pain as she tried to place pressure on her wound. She fought past the pain as best she could. Blood was streaming out and she felt lightheaded. She had never considered being injured on this mission. It seemed that she needed to reassess her threat potentials moving forward.

With Jon and Ayana laying down cover fire, Sam took a few moments to tend to Eislyn, stripping the medkit from her shoulder in a swift movement and shoving her phaser back into its holster.

"Hang on there, I'll have you stitched back together again in a jiffy" She soothed as she ran the tricorder over the injury.

"Take your time. I'm the picture of health" Eislyn quipped, her voice filled with pain and sarcasm.

"You're a picture of health and I'm the dancing snowman" Sam replied with an equal measure of sarcasm. The wound was serious, but if treated promptly there would be no long term damage. What she wouldn't give for the equipment of sickbay.

"Commander, we need to get off this rock" She shouted to Grayson as she continued to treat Eislyn.

Jon didn't waste time on a reply to Sam instead his hand went to his combadge as he barked, "Grayson to Washington, emergency beam up! Beam the away team directly to Sickbay, we have injured."

Seconds later the away team disappeared in a cascade of rainbow lights.


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