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Late night visitor

Posted on Sun Dec 26th, 2021 @ 4:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr

Mission: Sinister Intentions
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: A few hours after the last post


Callie had spent hours trying to sleep, there was something about T’Vall she needed answers to, getting up she left Jon sleeping, quietly dressed, and headed for Sickbay. Arriving a few minutes later she made her position as Chief Counsellor her excuse to get past the security guard, and made her way over to T’Vall.

T’Vall had been awake for a couple of hours but had the ability to shade the fact. Dex had been aware of a slight change in his neural network but put it down to the mind repairing itself. She had eventually retired to her quarters at the end of her shift but lay awake something bothering her.

T’Vall knew Callie was near he had been calling her since he had woken. The nearer she got to him the stronger his hold on her grew. He needed her to release him from his restraints and he would disable the two guards and leave the ship together. Once on the surface he had several places they could hide.

he opened his eyes ”Callie” he whispered into her mind, “release my restraints now, quietly and slowly and we will be together.”

Callie silently moved to T’Vall’s bedside, quietly and quickly removing his restraints she didn’t stop to question seemingly completely under his influence. “Wait...” She moved to an equipment trolley before using what she could find to remove the tracking chip from her hand that Dex had placed there. She placed it in a sample tray. “Computer...lock onto sample tray and beam it to Jeffries tube section two alpha.” She watched as it disappeared before nodding to T’Vall.

He sat up and touched her face pouring more of his compulsion into her. He thought of having her kill the two security guards that would excite him but he stood and silently slipped up to them, he applied his version of the nerve touch to incapacitate them and they fell to the floor. “Callie” he could not help but pull her too him and kiss her having her reciprocate.

“Callie we must escape from here” he picked up the two phasers the security team had dropped and took them off heavy stun and set to kill. He handed one to her. “We need to get to the transporter, once we leave this ship we can be together. Before we go if I ask you to kill your husband would you do this for me?”

“Jon...” Callie looked at the phaser in her hand, then looked at T’Vall. “I...” She shook her head. “No...not Jon! No...I can’t!”

“We do not have time to discuss this but we will.” He smiled at her. “Now how do we get to the transporter room without being seen, we need to go now. I have a shipment ready to go.” He grabbed her by the arm, “NOW Callie!”

Callie paused, thoughts of Jon still holding her back. “I...No...I...I won’t!!” She pulled back taking a step backwards. “I can’t do this! I WON’T do this!!”

He shook her, “Callie, Callie look at me, he pulled her to him and took her chin in his fingers forcing her to look at him, he had thought of just knocking her out but decided against it. Every time he succeeded in moulding her mind to his meant an eventual victory. He forced her to look at him. When her eyes found his she was lost. He bored into her mind so she could see only him feel only him. “Now take me to the transporter.”

Luckily the hour was late, the evening shift was on and the corridors were relatively quiet. “This way” She lead him quickly, avoiding wandering crew as they went. They arrived unmolested, stepping into the transporter room Callie used the butt of the phaser to give the transporter Chief a solid whack.

The Chief fell to the floor bleeding badly from his head wound. “That’s my girl” T’Vall said as he programmed the transporter redirecting their signal several times then scrambling it to decode twenty seconds after they left. He set the cycle for fifteen seconds. As they stepped onto the transporter T’Vall knew life as he had known it was over, but now he had Callie he could finish what he started with her, who knows, now he knew someone who could manipulate genetic programming they might even have a child. The thought excited him as they disappeared in a haze of blue shimmer.

~ Surface underground city ~

Arriving down on the surface Callie looked at T’Vall, for a few moments there was a look of panic before T’Vall’s mind control took over again. “Where do we go now?”

T’Vall no longer was the soft lover he had been in sickbay. He grabbed her arms and forced her to him. His fingers found the neural pressure points and he pushed into her mind immediately seeing her confusion between him and Jon. He began to weave into her mind Jon’s deception, he had been sleeping with several other members of the Crew.

When he had finished he dragged her with him to a small hatch in the wall of a quiet street on the outskirts of New Kracow. They disappeared inside and began their journey into the underground city. For a moment he stopped, he needed to know, holding her hands he whispered softly into her ear “Callie if I were in danger would you kill for me would you kill Jon?”

Callie’s whole perception was twisted by what T’Vall had put in her mind. She paused turning to look into his eyes, her lips mere moments from touching his. “I...Yes...” She pressed her lips to his.

They began walking along abandoned streets, empty windows watched them filled with the ghosts of the past. There was very little light and none of it natural. Callie began to tire and T’Vall picked her up and carried her, valuable merchandise should not be harmed. After a kilometre there were lights ahead. They arrived at an eight wheeled vehicle and T’Vall put her down

“Good to see you boss” a rough looking human male greeted him. He looked at Callie. “Nice, very nice, I might buy her myself.” He reached out to touch her legs.

T’Vall hit him in the face. “ She is mine” he said. He put her in the back of the vehicle and sat beside her. How are the next batch coming?” He asked. “Good” the man replied, “there are few that need your particular……speciality. We got trouble with the Orions however, they will not risk their ships now that Starship is in orbit.”

“I have a plan for that. Those weapons we received in exchange for that group of cows last year. I wonder if they would bring that ship down?”

The driver smiled showing his dirty broken teeth, he spat on the ground. “We’d have to ask T’ChAst about that, he’s the expert.

T’Vall nodded. “Drive” he ordered. He turned his attention to Callie entering her mind once again. This time he touched her body. “Feel me inside you my love?” He said.

Callie writhed but this time it was against T’Vall’s touch, her mind was fighting back against him. “Don’t touch me!!” She moved as far as she could get without falling from the vehicle. “Stay away from me!!”

T ‘Vall lost patience with her and applied nerve pressure to her neck. She fell senseless across his lap. As they drove he stroked her hair.

~ Meanwhile aboard the Washington ~

Jon woke from a restless sleep to find Callie gone. "Callie?" He called out thinking she may be inn the bathroom. He got up and saw she wasn't there or anywhere in their quarters. "Computer where is Lieutenant Raven-Grayson?" The computer replied blandly, "Lieutenant Raven -Grayson is Jefferies tube section two alpha." Jon shook his head, "What the hell is she doing there?" He wondered aloud. Dressing quickly he headed to the Jeffries tube to the Jeffries tube but only found Callie's tracking device. "Grayson to security! Anyone have eyes on Lt. Raven-Grayson?"

“Security here sir, T’Vall has gone, the security team are down and the transporter chief is unconscious.”



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