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Curiosity Has Risks

Posted on Mon Jun 1st, 2020 @ 4:35pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Lieutenant L'Rissa & Lieutenant Deanna Celes

Mission: The Borg Encounter
Location: USS Washington

Celes sat in the command position on the bridge. Grayson had left her in command while he went down to engineering to check on a few matters. "Lieutenant, picking up anomalous readings coming from a system 18 light years away. Spikes in delta and gamma radiation" said the ensign at Ops.

Celes sat pensive for a moment. She hit her comm badge, =^=Captain to the bridge. =^=

Shran entered from his ready room. "Report" he said in his usual even tone.

"We are detecting anomalous readings coming from a system 18 light years away, with peculiar spike in delta and gamma radiation. It isn't on our current trajectory" replied Celes.

Shran mulled over the information quickly. They weren't in a hurry to get anywhere, simply continuing the survey on the various systems in the area for potential colony sites and ultimately territory expansion. "Helm, alter course, warp 7."

"Aye sir" replied L'Rissa from the helm.

=^=Senior officers to stations =^= ordered Shran. The Andorian moved to the command station and sat down. "Deanna, begin full long range scans. I want to know what might be causing these radiation readings and see if we can get a more concrete read on these anomalous readings." He turned his gaze towards the helm, "ETA to the system?"

"At current speed, 5 minutes 23 seconds" replied L'Rissa.

Several minutes passed, the senior officers all arriving to the bridge and taking stations.

"Approaching the system" said L'Rissa.

"Drop to impulse."

Celes began working profusely. Suddenly a look of shock and panic filled her face. "Captain, definitely detecting a Borg presence."

Shran shot up, "Red alert!"


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