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The Return

Posted on Tue Jun 9th, 2020 @ 1:56pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho & Lieutenant Commander Estella Stratton

Mission: The Borg Encounter
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

Hearing the Captain's command for all senior officers to return to the bridge, Jon left engineering where he had been going over some engineering aspects with the CEO and made his way back to the bridge.

*Moments later*

Exiting the lift, Jon could sense the tension in the air and he saw the looks of controlled anxiety of the faces of Deanna and L'Rissa. He strode quickly across the bridge to his station, "What's going on?" He asked the Captain for a quick briefing.

"The Borg" said Shran stoically.

Jon didn't even answer, what was there to say? The Borg was every Federation officers worse nightmare.

Dr Sam Howard looked up as the red alert Klaxons sounded and the red strip lighting gave sickbay an ominous glow. She had no idea what was going on but wanted to make sure her team were ready.

"Alright everyone, you know the drill. Perrin, hold the fort, I'm going to head to the bridge" Sam ordered as she headed for the doors of sickbay, an unwelcome knot in her gut starting to form. Never a dull moment!

"Full analysis. Where are they? What exactly are we looking at?" asked Shran.

"Detecting multiple Borg signatures. I identify one Borg cube and three spheres orbiting a large class-M planet. Detecting a transwarp conduit, aperture opening 5000 kilometers from the class-M world" said Celes.

Shran looked at Jon. It was as if both were speaking without words.

"Arm the torpedoes and bring the phasers online." Jon ordered.

In the middle of revisiting some old files Estella paused when the Captain's command was issued and immediately made her way to the bridge. The blaring alarm brought her to hasten her pace. Once at the bridge she took a breath and steeled herself for what was ahead.

Sachzny studied the Borg vessels, she hadn't come across them before. "Torpedo's armed, Phasers online. Shields are now raised, reading 100%". She ticked off her check list, as each and every system turned green. Should the Captain ask, her department and station was ready.

Jon listened as Sachzny ticked off her departments readiness. He saw Essie and Sam had come to the bridge but he desperately wished them somewhere safer if there was such a spot when dealing with the Borg. "Recommend we get out of here as fast as we can." He said to Shran.

"Any indication they have detected us yet?" Shran inquired.

"No sir. They appear to be holding in a high orbit over the planet" replied Celes.

"Is the planet inhabited?" asked Shran reflexively.

"No sir. Planet in uninhabited. Detecting large deposits of dilithium on the planet, and rich veins neutronium. "

Shran looked to Jon. "We can't let the Borg get that neutronium, nor allow them to get a foothold so close to Federation space. I'm thinking we bring up the armor and use the transphasic torpedoes. Thoughts?"

Jon didn't rush an answer even with the Borg basically on their doorstep. "I agree sir. Recommend you notify Command of the situation."

"Reading a power spike with their transporters, it would appear they are not bothered by our presence", Sachzny reported for all to hear. "A shuttle sized vessel has just been launch towards the planet, I read eight lifeforms within", She continued to track the ship so they would have landing coordinates.

"Send a message to Command informing them we have engaged the Borg" said Shran, the weight of the situation very heavy in his voice. "Activate armor, ready transphasic torpedoes. Phasers and quantum torpedoes on hot stand-by."

"Captain, tactical cube exiting the aperture" said Celes.

Shran's brow furrowed. He turned to Jon, "Assuming we survive this, I want to capture the scout vessel they just launched, see what information we can acquire. I'll want you to lead an away team."

"It would be a source of invaluable and almost unlimited data if we can capture it." Jon agreed. He nodded at Shran request that he would lead the away team. "Of course sir. I think a small team would be the most advisable."

Sam looked up from the station at the rear of the bridge she had configured for her purposes. Life sciences was generally vacant or used as a general science station but today it was being used for its intended design. Life signs, biometric readings, life supports, injury reports and the like all flowed across the dark screen. If the Borg were involved she wanted to stay close to the command staff, in case they were boarded and needed immediate medical attention. Her staff could handle the rest of the crew if necessary. Sam's heart froze for an instant at the thought of sending an away team. Would they be able to take on the Borg?

Estella glanced between Shran and Jon, but said nothing. Though her brows dipped with visible concern at the mentioning of an away team. The Borg were much like bees to her. Aggressive and single minded. Their held view of superiority over others both angered and unnerved her. They were taking a big risk going after the scouting vessel. Especially so close to a sphere. They we heavily outnumbered. This seemed like a bad move to her without Federation support.

"Recommend we proceed with an away team sir, while their still preoccupied with the planet." Jon stated "Unless you would rather wait for a more opportune moment." As he waited for the Captain's reply.

"Helm, attack pattern Gamma-2. Sachzny, target the cubes first, 2 torpedoes each should suffice. All hands, prepare for possible borders." Shran sat back down, readying himself for this task they were about to undertake. "Deanna, continue tracking that scout vessel" he said calmly. He looked at Jon, "We'll take care of these big obstacles and then send you in."


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