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Posted on Wed Jun 10th, 2020 @ 11:58pm by Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: The Borg Encounter
Location: Bridge

From the instant Dr Sam Howard stepped on the bridge she fought a battle with her inner self. The Borg were a formidable opponent and would put the Washington and her crew to the ultimate test of skill and cunning, not unusual considering the ship's mission statement but still - the tension on the bridge was palpable.

Sam drew in a slow breath, approaching her station once she had gathered enough information as to what was going on, powering it up and defining the parameters she wished it to display. She felt there were a number of priorities, protecting the crew from being beamed away, protecting the crew from boarding parties and treating any injuries that may result from said boarding. She was thankful the portable medical kit was stashed behind a bulkhead to her left, along with several small portable weapons that may or may not do any good against the adaptive Borg.

Preparation here was key in Sam's mind. She schooled her thoughts away from the instinctive fight or flight fear response, and into a more rational thought pattern. Control the controllables. Deal with what was in front of you. Focus, think, react.

Another breath, another moment. They would get through this together. She glanced towards the Captain, as calm and rational as ever and drew strength from his composure. They could do this.


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