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So. it Begins

Posted on Tue Jun 16th, 2020 @ 6:27pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Commander Samantha Howard & Lieutenant Commander N'Sachzny P'Glosho & Lieutenant Commander Estella Stratton

Mission: The Borg Encounter
Location: USS Washington
Timeline: Current

"Helm, attack pattern Gamma-2. Sachzny, target the cubes first, 2 torpedoes each should suffice. All hands, prepare for possible borders." Shran sat back down, readying himself for this task they were about to undertake. "Deanna, continue tracking that scout vessel" he said calmly. He looked at Jon, "We'll take care of these big obstacles and then send you in."

"Yes sir." Jon answered as he thought of who he wanted on the away team. Sachzny was needed at tactical. Nor could he take Deanna, she was needed at Ops to track the Borg's movements. A small team was the best for this. "Sam, you and L'Rissa get ready, we're going to pay the Borg a visit." He didn't include Essie as she was needed here to watch the crew and their reactions.

Sam glanced around at her name being spoken and schooled a 'professional' expression on her face. Truth be told the Borg terrified her but there was no way she was going to let anyone down through her own fear.

" Aye Sir" She quickly closed down her station and headed towards the turbolift.

As Jon passed she spoke to him, "Inform me when you require the shields dropped Commander, I fear I will have to be quick in doing so". She turned to target a Borg cube, "Torpedo's launched Captain, targeting second Cube". The first cube now exploded, it filled the bridge with a brilliant light. "Captain, the second cube is entering the atmosphere. The upper stratosphere of the planet will make targeting them difficult, perhaps they are protecting their shuttle?"

Jon nodded, gave her a wink. "Will do Sachzny. I know you'll get us over there and back. More importantly, you keep the ship and yourself safe." With that he headed toward the lift where Samantha was already waiting.

"Jon, take Ayana with you as well. I'd like you all back unassimilated" Shran said with a hint of joviality. He returned his focus to the the battle at hand. "Target those spheres Sachzny. I want them gone; single torpedo each ought to do it." As the torpedoes began launching Shran looked back to everyone in the turbolift as it was about to close, "Good luck Commander."

Not so different from the doctor, Estella was unnerved when it came to engaging the Borg. The light tone in which Shran used added to the unease as she remembered well the craziness of their last mission and the changes in crew member's mental state. Now to face the Borg head on and risk assimilation? Estella had to take a breath so she wouldn't visibly cringe.

Jon nodded at the addition of Ayana to the away team. Jon looked back at Shran before his gaze shifted to Essie. A small smile coming to his face. "Keep a light on in the window Essie." He said adding a wink to her. "We'll be back in no time." He added with a false sense of bravado.

Shran returned his gaze to the viewscreen, looking over the tactical situation. He was concerned with the entire situation, but he'd never show it. "What is the status of the remaining Borg vessels Deanna?"

"Only vessels remaining are the scout vessel and the cube. All spheres destroyed as well as the tactical cube. Scout vessel currently hovering over a rich vein of neutronium, cube in low altitude orbit between us and scout vessel" replied Celes.

"Sachzny, target the cube and fire when ready. Then bring phasers to full and target the scout with a full barrage. We need to bring its shields down for Jon." Shran looked over the tactical data trying to glean this strategy by the Borg. This was highly unusual for them, sending vessels into the atmosphere.

The turbolift ride was brief and filled with an odd sense of calmness mixed with trepidation. Sam used the PADD in her pocket to alert her 2IC of the situation. The team paused on the way to the transporter room to obtain the necessary weapons from the armory, and for Sam to grab her 'away mission' medical kit - a larger but more comprehensive kit that could handle most medical issues whilst away from the ship. She slung the kit over her shoulder, letting the metallic case hang on the opposite hip from her phaser holster.

Jon waited for Sam to join them on the pad. He spoke to the transporter tech. "Once our shields drop, transport us over."

"Yes sir. Will do." Came the crisp reply.

Jon gave a quick glance at the rest of the away team. "Stay frosty. Borg don't notice individuals or at least they didn't. Lets hope that still continues or its going to be a short trip."

" Yes Sir" Sam chirped as she Commander spoke, forcing her feelings of uncertainty and fear back into the back corner of her mind. A slow steady breath was drawn in and released and she forced her muscles to relax just a little bit and waited for the transporter beam to take hold.

Targeting the cube, Sachzny fired on it. The torpedo impacted on the atmosphere, and exploded before it reached the cube. She now switched to the scout and fired a full volley at it, the shields dropped and she gave the transporter chief the ok to transport the away team. Sachzny now returned her attention back to the cube, "We may have to close on the cube, the atmosphere is cushioning the vessel aiding their shields". She now used the ships phasers, firing a full volley the cube rocked under the barrage. An idea now formed in her head, she loaded a quantum torpedo. Firing a full volley of phasers she waited for them to hit, as they did so she fired the torpedo. A blinding flash showed she had succeeded, "Target destroyed Captain" was all she said.

"Drop shields. Transporter room, energize. Keep a constant lock on them."


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