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Fanning the flames of Love

Posted on Wed Apr 6th, 2022 @ 2:05pm by Lieutenant Callie Raven-Grayson & Commander Jonathan Grayson

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: Grayson Quarters
Timeline: After the wedding


With Dex and Seth’s wedding over, and one very tired Harry put to bed Callie stood in-front of the mirror in the bedroom as she removed her tiara. She smiled as she looked towards Jon.

“That was a beautiful wedding ceremony, seeing you there brought back memories of our own wedding.” She walked across to him she turned her back. “Would you mind helping me out of my dress?”

"Sure thing." Jon said as he began to undo the buttons on Callie's dress. As he need, he also kissed and nuzzled her neck gently. "What did you think of the ceremony?" He asked between kisses. "You never looked more radiant Callie."

Callie sighed as she enjoyed Jon’s kisses. “I think it was wonderful, it brought back memories of our wedding day. It seems so long ago now.”

"It was a beautiful ceremony and Shon was a beautiful bride but you my dear Callie were radiant just as you were when we were married.' Jon replied as he resumed both his kissing of her neck and undoing the buttons of her dress.

“Hmm keep that up and you just might have to carry me to bed, and make love with me!” Callie smiled a wry smile.

Jon continued to kiss Callie's neck and as the buttons were undone, he moved down her back peppering it with soft kisses. "An endeavor I would gladly undertake." He whispered as he kissed her again.

“I was hoping you’d say that” Callie smiled as she let her dress slide off her shoulders and slip down to the floor. She gently stepped clear, then turned to face Jon wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him lovingly.

Jon brought his arms up and around Callie as his lips met hers. " I love you Callie, now and for all eternity and that will never change."

“Good because I plan on us growing old together, with lots of stories to tell our grandchildren” Callie smiled as she looked into Jon’s eyes. “Now I believe you were going to carry me to bed?”

Without another word, Jon bent and scooped Callie into his arms. "Your wish is my command Callie." He whispered as they headed for the bedroom.

Callie held on gently with her arms around Jon's neck. She giggled as they reached the bed and Jon gently placed her down on it. "I'm so happy we got back together Jon, I can't imagine my life without you in it."

Jon kissed her again. "I'm glad we're back together again as well Callie." he paused as looked at her, taking in her radiant smile and her intelligent manner. Her slim attractive figure. "You were almost out of my life Callie, and I never want to go through that feeling again." He said softly.

“You never will that I promise you,” Callie gently wrapped her arms back around Jon’s neck and kissed him passionately.

Jon laid down beside her, he was lost in Callie's love. She was his world. He kissed her softly yet passionately, feeling her full lips on his. "I love you Callie Raven-Grayson."

Callie smiled. “I love you too, with all my heart.”

~ Sometime later ~

Callie lay in Jon’s embrace, both basking in the afterglow of slow, yet passionate love making. As instructed they’d taken it gently, not letting themselves get too carried away.

"Wow." Jon said as he and Callie lay together, He turned his face to look at her, "Wow." He repeated.

Callie couldn’t help but grin. “I know how you feel, that was ... amazing! Actually it was more than amazing!!” She ran her fingers back and forth across his chest.

Jon kissed her cheek, and then her lips. "We definitely need to remember this, it was fantastic!"

Callie returned his kisses. “Ohh it’s not like we’re going to forget tonight anytime soon. Waiting all those weeks made the whole experience all the more amazing.”

"Well, that's true Callie." Jon replied with a smile. Waiting did make the experience amazing and like fine wine it got even better." He replied as he looped an arm over and pulled her closer to him.

Callie stifled a yawn as she cuddled up. Laying her head on Jon’s shoulder she was soon happily dozing off in his embrace.

Jon kissed the top of Callie's head as he held her close. He gently rubbed her back. Lying there, he again thanked the stars above for bringing Callie back into his life. A life made all the better by Callie being in it.


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