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Endgame Preparations

Posted on Sun Jun 26th, 2022 @ 7:22pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar & Ensign T'Plana-hath

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: USS Washington

Shran requested T'Plana-hath to join him in his ready room. He entered and stood waiting just inside for her to follow from her station.

T’Plana-hath had followed the captain into his ready room as ordered.

"Ensign, how familiar are you with the Ops station? What do you know about transphasic weapons?" he questioned in hushed tones.

When he asked her the question about operating the ops station she replied, “I am more the capable, the Ops station is very similar in design and function as most Starfleet Intelligence stations on a ship.”

The second question though caused her to pause, purse her lips, and look askew at the captain, she raised her left eyebrow. She calculated very carefully what she was about to say, “Sir, did you say transphasic weapons? I know they are in the ‘theoretical’ realm of exploration, but I do not know of any working examples.” She then said “Off the record, and I will deny ever telling you this, Star Fleet Intelligence has acquired some from an alternate timeline. Since you mentioned the weapon, I am to assume you already know about them."

Shran knew he needed to be very precise with how he responded. "This ship is equipped with them, in a limited capacity. It is one of the upgrades to this ship that was made several years ago that has been kept very quiet. Considering the temporal prime directive, StarFleet Intelligence, which is to say Admiral Carroll has kept this knowledge under wraps. If you feel up to it, I wish for you to take the Ops station and monitor all sensor data, particularly any data in regard to the use of transphasic weapons and compartmentalize it. Is this something you can do?"

T'Plana-hath nodded "Yes captain I can man the Ops station and monitor ALL SENSOR data, including the USS Jupiter's and shuttle craft. If there is ANY hint of a transphasic weapon in use or having been used IT will be compartmentalized so that only you or those you designate will have knowledge of said transphasic weapons. If anyone tries accessing said information without your authorization it will be dumped and scrambled, with a flag notifying you of the attempt. A normal search will only show a system malfunction in the weapons system producing a scrambled reading of the weapons effects on said target. Will this suffice sir?"

Shran nodded. "Coordinate your efforts with Ayana. Keep close tabs on the planet. According to the away team, they will be using some sort of transphasic energy field, possibly transphasic weapons as well."

"Aye, aye sir. Is Lieutenant Ayana aware of the possible use of transphasic weapons or energy fields? Or am I to override her console and disguise the usage?" T'Plana-hath inquired.

"She is fully briefed. She has used them before. You have an hour to make whatever preparations you need. Dismissed."


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