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Posted on Sun Jun 26th, 2022 @ 8:53pm by Commander Samantha Howard

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: Washington Sickbay

It was an interesting situation that Dr Samantha Howard found herself in. She was surrounded by unconscious crewmen, but the sense of urgency was lacking. They were not in pain, discomfort, risk of death, starvation or the like, they just couldn't wake up. That in itself was odd enough, one that she grappled with on a variety of levels.

Rounding her desk she dropped into the seat and leant back, rubbing her eyes and feeling as though Loki had added a few years to her life before her time despite her team being back to so called normal. Still she was no closer to waking the unconscious crewmen, both Jupiter crew and Washington alike. Her gut told her it was to do with the nanovirus, but if Loki put them in these seeming comas, was he the only person who could pull them out of it?

A steaming cup of coffee appeared from somewhere whilst she was deep in thought, perusing the neural pathway mapping of several of the crewmen. What if Loki was influencing them on a subconscious level? What if the nanovirus allowed him to do that? The whole thing made her brain hurt in a way it hadn't since the last medical mystery that she struggled to solve. Maybe she was getting too old for this?

A whimsical theory flirted with her mind, teasing her with its possibility. What if?

She refused to simply wait until Loki decided to heal them and so redoubled her efforts in tackling the nanovirus and it's effects on the brains of those afflicted. There was a glimmer of possibility in some of her more lesser known medical treatments, but the overall there had to be hope.

Several hours later with tray of loaded hyposprays and a collection of neural inhibitors, she attempted to revive one of the Washington's away team.


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