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Meanwhile aboard the Washington

Posted on Mon Jun 27th, 2022 @ 6:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Callie Raven-Grayson

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: Counsellor’s office
Timeline: Current

After helping out in Sickbay, Callie had made her way to her office to try and concentrate on something other than worrying about Jon. Not that it was really making much difference.

Getting herself a hot chocolate from the replicator she settled onto the office sofa, and took a cautious sip. She’d made the mistake of ordering it too hot before. Enjoying the taste She savoured another sip before putting the mug down on the table.

No matter how much she tried she simply couldn’t stop herself from worrying about Jon. If Loki could do whatever he wanted to people, what was stopping him from hurting Jon, or any other member of the away team?

She rested her hand on her stomach, their journey as parents to their own baby was just beginning, even though they had Harry as well. She just hoped Harry wouldn’t feel unhappy at having to have his time with her divided up once the baby arrived. Though they had a full seven months or so before that happened, plenty of time to prepare Harry for the new routine.

Shaking off feelings of despair at not having heard from Jon, she picked up a PADD and started work on some reports. She had to keep her mind busy, either that or she’d be back on the bridge worrying again.

The sooner Jon returned home, the happier she’d feel. She smiled as she realised she’d picked up the PADD containing her list of things to do. Things they needed to buy ready for their new arrival, and what her wishes were for when the time of their baby’s birth came around...a birth plan, as they called it on Earth.

Looking through it she grinned as she saw little additions to her notes that Jon had made. She loved it that he was as involved with the plan as she was.

Her smile faded again. Exactly what was going on? She wanted Jon home, the sooner the better.



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