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Unexpected Adventure

Posted on Thu Jun 30th, 2022 @ 9:59pm by Captain Shran dh'Klar

Mission: A Trip to Middle Earth
Location: USS Washington

Shran sat in his ready room considering everything that had happened over the last several days as they had embarked on their mission to locate the Jupiter. Finding the ship it turned out was the easy part, the greater mystery was with what they had found on the planet it was orbiting and the state of the Jupiter crew. They had discovered a colony of humans who lived like it was the Middle Ages, but they were apparently from the distant future and simply chose to live a simple life, or so it seemed. They weren't the issue though, as it turned out that some of the crew encounter a few ancient gods from Earth's past, the most dangerous being Loki. The trickster god seemed determined to force everyone into submission to him, but somehow they had thwarted him, and as it happened, killed him, if that was actually possible. The Washington has remained in the system for several additional days to allow the Jupiter crew to be returned, fully healed of course.

The Washington was returning to Federation space at warp 5, and things were fairly lowkey. New young officers had come aboard the ship and had not been given the opportunity to properly meet the rest of the senior officers, but Shran was thinking of going outside the box with how that would work. Ben Sisko always enjoyed taking senior officers to watch an old Earth game called baseball on the holodeck, and Shran had watched a handful of games with Ben when time permitted over the years. He missed his friend, but he thought that the idea of the holodeck had merit for allowing others to bond in a fun way, and that was something he knew his officers needed at this time, a little fun and relaxation.

A thought popped into his head, something that was a little strange perhaps, but something he thought could be entertaining, and it should be just the right mix of fun and relaxation his crew would need right about now. He recorded a short message on his computer and then sent it to all the senior officers, along with a few of the others who he believed would do well to join in.

He made his way to holodeck 1 and accessed the programs. He had just recently gotten a program from a friend, something to do with an old Earth saga that was set in some place called Middle Earth. It seemed apropos that it be the program that he would choose. The computer asked where he wished to begin, and he choose a place called Rivendell. He quickly changed into an appropriate costume and entered the holodeck waiting for his friends and officers to arrive.

The scene was tranquil and serene, perfectly relaxing. He spoke to several of the holocharacters, including someone calling himself Elrond who seemed to be in charge. He wondered who would arrive first, and he wondered what little adventure they might embark on as some sort of team building exercise. Unbeknownst to Shran, a jest was waiting to manifest itself, and each moment that passed brought it ever closer. It was simply a matter of time before this surprise let loose, and brought chaos to what Shran had planned.


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