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Tricking the Trickster

Posted on Thu Jun 30th, 2022 @ 5:52pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna Celes & Commander Jonathan Grayson & Lieutenant Commander Shoniara T’ghann-Travis Dr & Petty Officer 1st Class Amethyst Reece

Mission: Jupiter Mystery
Location: Planetary Settlement

Celes made her way out of the control room with Artur by her side. "We have completed the preparations on this end commander, and the captain it ready on his end should the Washington be required. All we need now if for you to determine with Artur how best to get Loki here and then keep in place long enough for us to ensnare him."

Jon nodded, "Why not just make this simple and just challenge him? By that I mean, stand up to him. Say we're not his servants. We have free will and we intend to use by not worshiping him."

"That certainly would keep him in place. He seemed very intent to force us to worship him, as if he had some sort of deep seeded need for it."

Artur nodded. "The stories of him always included that he was egomaniacal and narcissistic. Sparing with him verbally over this idea would certainly draw him in. But first we need to force him to appear."

"Simple enough I think." Jon answered looking at the others, "We call him. Tell him we have something to say that he will want to hear. Then when he arrives; we turn the table on him and tell him we're not going to worship him. That should get him good and mad."

A laugh from the shadows could be heard. "That is a simple yet brilliant plan." Suddenly Lugh appeared.

Wilhelm and Artur both suddenly looked panicked and ready to attack if need be.

"Lugh, why did you come here?" Celes asked.

"Loki was beginning to bore me with his ranting. I left him on the ship arguing with that artificial healer. Aren't you glad to see me?"

Jon was instantly on guard. He was by no means an expert on the gods, but he knew Loki had the ability to change shapes. They would have to go slow until they knew for sure this was indeed Lugh.

Amethyst was suspicious as well. She looked at Grayson before looking back at Lugh. “How do we know that you’”

Lugh looked at them puzzled. "You think me to be Loki? I have been known to pull the occasional jest, but I'm not the trickster Loki is, and I don't shapeshift the way he does. I believe in truth and honor. Do you people really not know of me?"

Artur stepped forward, "We know of you Lugh. You are well thought of by my people, particularly for your sacrifice those many years ago to help ensnare Loki. Are you here to assist us once more?"

Lugh gave a soft smile. "If you need my help, I will give it. I spoke with a blue man, the captain of a ship. He asked me to protect his people, and I promised I would."

Amethyst smiled as she looked at Grayson. “Sounds like the Captain is looking out for us.”

Jon nodded in agreement, "It does indeed Amethyst and I am glad for it." Jon replied, still watching Lugh.

Meanwhile, in the medical facility, Aoife woke Shon from her slumber. "Easy now my dear. I warned you not to try to telepathically link with these people. While you were unconscious I took the time and opportunity to heal you from the injuries that Loki caused you. I also healed several of your scars, though I didn't remove them all because I considered you might have them for a reason."

Shon woke from what seemed a refreshing sleep. Sitting up she thanked Aoife. “I am sorry, I have been known to be impulsive, against my Vulcan nature.” She swung her legs off and stood. “Where are my crew mates?”

Aoife looked her over to ensure she was coming out of her unconscious state properly. "They are with the king to my knowledge. I believe they are trying to ensnare Loki once more. I haven't really spoken with them since I brought you here. I've been rather busy healing all of these people, your people, and you as well."

“Aoife I need to get to where they are. I need to speak to Loki, he has to answer my question!”

"I can send you to where your friends are, but I do not know where Loki is, and I don't think he would answer your questions. What is it you need answering? Perhaps I might be able to answer it for you. Was it about something he said or did to you?"

“Something like that, he gave me a chance to save my child, I want to know if I had agreed would it have really happened? Also because I let him out I feel responsible for him. I want to be a part of returning him to wherever he came from.”

Aoife shook her head. "You can't hold yourself to such a high standard. Perhaps you could have saved your child, perhaps not. Loki has no sway over death directly, but his daughter Hela does. Loki in the past often would tempt with something of great significance. He can reward as quickly as he can punish. I am sorry you lost a child, but you cannot punish yourself over it. That is what Loki wants."

Shon nodded her understanding but her mind and heart leaped. "I need to talk to Hela, if she can bring my daughter back I would do anything, please Aoife, help me do this?”

Aoife sighed. "While I don't recommend what you are considering, I understand it. But we have not seen any of the gods since before Loki was last ensnared. We haven't an idea where to look for any of them."

“Then take me to Loki” Shon said “and I will ask him myself, have you ANY kind of protection against him Aoife?….Please!” Shon begged. “Help me to get my daughter back.”.

Aoife heard the desperation in her voice, saw the pain and anguish in her eyes. She didn't agree with what she wanted to do, but she understood. "I do not know where Loki is, but I assume the king is working with your friends to locate him and to do something about him. I will return you to you comrades and we will let fate decide what happens next."

In the Great Hall, Lugh had summoned Loki with the promise of mortals. Loki manifested himself and looked around, seeing several of those he had been recently in contact with, and others whom he did not recognize. "So, you have found more of them. And they have built a home, how quaint. I knew you would not go against me forever."

"I am Artur, king of these people. Long ago my people worshipped you. Those days are over. We have gained the ability to live without you now."

Loki looked at this person claiming to be a king with a mild disdain. "Have you now? You sound as insolent as these others."

Amethyst said nothing she simply watched the exchange with interest.

Jon faced Loki. "Loki, were' not going to worship you. We've moved past that and your pettiness and cruelty."

It was at this time that Aoife and Shon materialized near Jon and the others. Loki grinned when he saw Shon. "Ah, there is my favorite whipping horse."

“Never mind that Loki, where is Hela?”

Loki laughed gleefully. "Hela? Why, I have not seen my daughter in many years, at least a century. You of all people should be aware that I have been unable to speak with any of my kin until only recently, thanks to you of course. Let me guess, you are haunted by the thought of your daughter, and how you allowed her to suffer and die, not once, but twice. Hoping that Hela might release her to you. That would be quite the feat. Hela isn't known for her generosity, especially when it comes to the release of souls. She wouldn't even allow it for her own grandparents when they begged for her to return Baldur to them. What makes you think it would be different for you?"

“I would try Loki, there is nothing I would..”

"Enough of this Loki!" shouted Lugh.

Artur signaled Wilhelm, who then signaled Celes. In what seemed like a split second, an energy surrounded Loki. Loki screamed in rage seeing that he had been caged once more. Slowly, the energy enclosure began to levitate and make its way up into the sky, pushing past the roof of the structure and into the heavens, out of sight quickly of everyone.

"All that remains is for your captain to finish this" Artur said to Jon.

“NOOOOO I want my daughter, give her to me?” Screamed Shon her soul in pain as she grabbed Jon, “Bring him back?”

Jon grabbed Shon by the shoulders. "Doctor!" He said sharply, "control yourself."

The sound of a person falling could be heard in the distance. Wilhelm turned and saw Celes on the ground, and ran towards her. As he approached he saw another person standing over her. "Eithne? How are you free of your imprisonment?"

"It was foolish to believe that you ever had to power to keep me prisoner."

“Mother of Lugh,” whispered Shon. She began to laugh, “this is the great family of legend,” she said scornfully between laughter and sobs, “at least Hela does not pretend to be anything but death.” She slid down the wall and curled herself up. She began to sing a lullaby she used to sing to Shasta.

Eithne tossed Wilhelm aside and slowly walked towards the others. She looked at Shon, "What do you know of Hela?"

Shon continued sitting and rocking, “beware the Serpent and the Fenris wolf!” She spat out, “beware the giantess who bore the great Odin’s general.” She began to sing the lullaby again.

"I see. You wish to get your daughter back. Loki teased you with her and you can't let go. Loki always did have a flair for the dramatic." Eithne moved closer to Shon, "Why would you think you would be found worthy of bringing your daughter back from Hela's domain?"

Shon stood and placed her face inches from Eithne’s. “And why would I tell you daughter of Balor?” She whispered savagely.

Eithne smiled wickedly. "Because I am the person you seek." In what seemed like a flash, Eithne transformed into a new person.

Shon looked at Hela magnificently dark in her black gown her hair flowing as if blown by the winds of the universe.

Above the planet, Loki floated in a cube of transphasic energy, desperate to get out but unable to escape. He turned his gaze upon the starship that was moving towards him and then saw two flashes ring out from the ship. Two torpedoes sped towards him, the golden glow they produced streaking towards him. He knew what this was. It was the end for him. After centuries of misdeeds and what he considered wonderful tricks, the mortals had finally tricked him, and it would be the death of him. He screamed out in rage mere moments before the torpedoes made impact, and then there was a brilliant explosion, and then nothing left at all.

Hela smirked. "I'll consider your request mortal, but only because you had a part to play in the demise of my father, who has just this moment been sent to my realm. If I grant you this request though, what do I get in return?"

“Whatever you want Hela, if it is within my purvey to give you I will do so. Bring my daughter back to me, please,”Shon knelt in front of her.

Hela grinned wickedly. "I'll hold you to that." With that Hela disappeared with a sinister laugh.

Lugh shook his head. "You mortals have shifted the balance between the mortal veil. It will have consequences. While Hela may be happy with the Loki gone, you can be certain others are not. I fear for what might happen to you in the future. Be cautious." He looked at Artur, "It is good that those of you who have seen Avalon have endured. I leave you now in search of my kin, but we shall return to you in peace." With that, Lugh vanished.

Celes slowly rose to her feet. Clasping her head she walked out and looked around. "Commander, I'd like to get back to the Washington if you don't mind."

Aoife stood with a smile. "Loki has been vanquished. We are again at peace." She looked to Jon, "I will return the crew members of the ship you call Jupiter to their rightful place upon the completion of their healing. Tell you captain I do this willingly as a gift for what you have done this day."


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